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Week of February 20th - February 26th, 2009

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  For several years now, Uranus has been passing through Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. This electrical planet first entered the celestial ocean in 2003, and will leave the watery realm in 2010 and 2011.

Pisces place

The Sea

  Due to retrograde motion, Uranus first leaves Pisces in 2010, and then retrogrades back in again on August 13, 2010, only to finally pivot, start moving forward and enter Aries for good March 11th, 2011 where it will remain for about seven years.

  Because of the slow motion of the outer planets (those further from the Sun), they remain in a sign for an extended period of time, producing a 'trend' in society. We can witness this trend by stepping back a little and watching some of these mystical manifestations with wonder and awe.

  Pisces is the sign of the subconscious. Beneath this verbal 'trapdoor' lie many of the images that apply to this realm so well. The subconscious can represent sleep and dreams, comas and visions. It is the inner screen whereon the images of our imagination play themselves out, whether this be faith in God or a night at the movies. But Pisces is also the unknown: it is chaos and uncertainty, confusion and illusion, fog and mist, or the black holes of deep space.

  Uranus, on the other hand, represents knowledge and information, science and the stars, networks and blueprints. This outer planet represents the schemes that bind themselves together in a comprehensive whole, composed of many pieces, yes, but which collectively operate as one. Uranus represents the invisible stream of electricity which flows in currents through the wires, yet powers everything from computers to television sets, from digital alarms to toaster ovens.

underwater lights

Underwater Lights

  When Uranus entered Pisces, this celestial juice entered the realm of darkness and cast a neon light there, bringing into focus subjects that normally lay hidden in the shadows. Like any celestial combination, this can manifest itself in many ways. On the one fin, it can illuminate the inner depths, bringing to light circumstances we did not know before, focusing especially on the spiritual, or priestly caste, together with much that may have transpired there. On the other fin, it is like leaving on a small night light in the bedroom, which can either help to guide the way to the facilities when we need them, or make it a little more difficult to fall asleep because somebody left that silly little irritating light on. Because Pisces is the sign of sleep and relaxation (or even vacations), Uranus can make sleep more restless, as though we're on the verge of consciousness all the time. On the other hand, it can also make vacations more exciting, packing in more activities, learning about the history of the sites we travel to, or even taking our laptops with us, so we can get some things done while there.

  All of the celestial combinations have a dorsal and a ventral side to them. It is our free will that helps us to choose which way it will be. If one is in the forest, it might behoove you to learn about wood. If in the mountains, rocks and minerals might bear investigating. If you work with the waters, then learning to swim or studying aquatic life would be helpful.

  While some will see Uranus in Pisces as opening a deeper truth in spiritual matters, others will see this as a time during which science is being 'watered down', losing its professional edge.

  Whichever current you choose, you're right.


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