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Week of February 13th - February 19th, 2009

Pisces upon us

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  This week, on Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 the Sun will enter Pisces. This is the first of our 'planets' to peel away from the Aquarian stellium which has been building over the last month. Pisces is Latin for 'fish', and in almost every language, ancient and modern, the translation of this word becomes the name of the constellation in that language.

Two fish

Two Fish

  According to Manilius, those born to this sign manifested this energy as children of the sea (Neptune), and there is something to be said for that. Any of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) learn to become adept at changing conditions, whether personally, socially, or politically. Adaptability is their forte, while repetition and constancy can drive them to drink. We see Manilius incorporating this general theme into his descriptive paragraph.

  "The folk engendered by the two Fishes, the last of the signs, will possess a love of the sea ; they will entrust their lives to the deep, will provide ships or gear for ships and everything that the sea requires for activity connected with it. The consequent skills are numberless: so many are the components of even a small ship that there are scarcely enough names for things. There is also the art of navigation, which has reached out to the stars and binds the sea to heaven. The pilot must have sound knowledge of the earth, its rivers and havens, its climate and winds; how on the one hand to ply the mobile helm this way and that, and brake the ship and spread apart the waves, and how on the other to drive the ship by rowing and to feather the lingering blades. The Fishes further impart to their son the desire to sweep tranquil waters with dragnets and to display on shores which are their own the captive peoples of the deep, either by hiding the hook within the bait or the guile within the weel. Naval warfare too is of their gift, battles afloat, and blood-stained waves at sea.

  "The children of this sign are endowed with fertile offspring, a friendly disposition, swiftness of movement, and lives in which everything is ever apt to change."

Guided by dreams

Guided by our dreams

  The above is all true, but its interpretations are not limited to the briny deep. We have been examining those with their Sun in Pisces, but those with the Moon (our home) in Pisces may be content to live and eat by the sea.

  Pisces is also the sign of sleep, dreams and the uncharted regions of the mind. It is both the vastness of the sea and outer space, any area which seeks to explore the unknown. Because there is a strong emphasis on the realms of the unknown, Pisces individuals may be guided by an inner light which, if successfully cultivated, will shepherd their steps safely into the future. They are often found in the social services, where they feel the needs and concerns of those with whom they work.

  Because of the mystical and magical realm in which they live, rational analysis is generally not their forte. A strong belief in mythical creature can guide them, whether through their dreams, spirit guides or by the wee folk. Their faith helps them to peer into realms wherein earthly mortals do not often tread, seeing their way clear of insurmountable obstacles and inescapable labyrinths.

  Most of us are just jealous because the voices are talking to them.


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