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Week of January 23rd - January 29th, 2009

Black Man in the White House

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The appearance of eagles at auspicious times
is often mentioned in the ancient texts.

At 12:05 PM EST on January 20th, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama took the inaugural oath of office as president and swore to protect the constitution of the United States. The term 'inauguration' comes from the Latin, 'augurare', to augur. The dictionary translates this word as meaning 'interpreted omens from the flight of birds'. There were many different ways of determining the future in antiquity, of which augury was only one. Different 'colleges' of priests were trained in the use in each, in the same way that today there are different colleges for dentists, doctors and lawyers. For instance, did you know that there were seven different kinds of lightning according to ancient sources?

  Another manner of determining (and possibly influencing) the future was the ritual sacrifice. The best sacrificial animals were selected for obvious reasons. They were an offering to God, who gives to us everything under Creation including life itself. These 'sacrifices' were a way of giving back. The chosen ones had to be 'without blemish'. This can easily be determined externally by looking at the animal, but you can't always tell a book by its cover. The future remains a mystery until it happens. If the internal organs of the sacrificial victim, most notably the liver, were found to contain imperfections, the omen was not favorable. Obviously, this could only be determined after the act, the internal condition of the organs cannot be predetermined. These indications were a forecast of the future, a direct response to the question at hand, whether it be for the founding of a new city, the outcome of a battle or the elevation of an elected official to a new post.

  You want the divine working with you, not against you, so you lobby for their support and give them the best you have.

  Prayers and incantations were recited multiple times in an attempt to curry favor with the gods, but it was important that these prayers be recited flawlessly. Pagan religions believed that all Creation is part of the body of God, and we all live in this giant being in the same manner parasites live within us. Because all is one, the symbiotic relationship between us and the divine, or between us and each other, is stronger than most realize. In contemporary times we have re-interpreted these themes. Scientists now tell us we all come from star-dust, so the giant we now live in is some huge stellar being.

  Not much has really changed.

  The Aquarian line-up on inauguration day bodes well for this man of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  But the Void-of-Course Moon does not.

Obama oath of office

Barak Obama taking the oath of office

  A chart cast for 12:05 PM shows a grouping of planets in Aquarius and a Void-of-Course Moon. We covered the Aquarian themes last week. This is a historical moment, with an electricity that is sweeping not only the nation, but the world. The tingle is tangible. With Jupiter conjuncting the Sun in Aquarius, this is really big, together with all the euphoria and media that goes with it. Barack Obama may be the first black man to enter the White House as president, but he follows a long line of presidents who genuinely had the people's interests at heart, individuals who either were Aquarians, or had Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) strong in their charts. Thomas Jefferson (Uranus rising), Andrew Jackson (the original 'people's president'- Uranus rising), Abraham Lincoln (Sun in Aquarius), and Jack Kennedy (Uranus in Aquarius) are among the most notable. Barack Obama has Aquarius rising (an Aquarian Ascendant) and therefore is seen as a 'man of the people'. He even managed to hang on to his cherished Blackberry, in spite of the Secret Service (Aquarians love their electronic information gathering devices). Ronald Reagan was also an Aquarian, but his Capricorn planets gave him a far more conservative disposition than most. Even so, he was a popular president for many and remains so to this day.



  We have taken whole articles to explain the Void-of-Course energy before, but here we will just say that this represents the Moon at the end of its transit through a sign, when it has no other 'work' that needs to be done.

  Since 1937 when the inauguration date was switched to January 20th (it had been March 3rd up until that time), there have been several presidents who were sworn into office under a Void-of-Course Moon.



If Void-of-Course Moons are not a positive indicator (they're not for beginning new projects, and taking the oath of office is definitely beginning a new project), what happened to the other presidents who were sworn in under its influence?

  The first was FDR, but only under his fourth term. He took the oath in January, 1945. By Spring he was dead.

  The second was JFK. Enough said.

  The third was Richard Milhous Nixon under his second term. He did not finish office, resigning before impeachment hearings could touch him.

Rockwell's Nixon


  And the last time a Void-of-Course Moon was influencing an election was the second term of William Jefferson Clinton. He is the only president to have made it through under the influence of the Void-of-Course Moon, although the House of Representatives voted to impeach him. Whatever was said behind the closed doors of the senatorial chamber was all that prevented him from joining the list like the others.

William Jefferson Clinton


  This is the last presidency before 2012. The president is working with a Scorpio Void-of-Course Moon. The oath of office was bungled.

  Barak Hussein Obama will not finish office, although the ideals that he will engender will live on through the years ahead as the vibration of Aquarius becomes more of a way of life.

  We have elected a colorful and charismatic captain of a sinking ship. He may steer us on the right course, but I suspect that the weight of the financial issues facing the country were not only the result of a lack of administrative oversight, but were intentionally managed to leave the in-coming administration with a water-logged vessel, decrepit and worm-eaten.

  The previous administration emptied out the pantry before leaving, and have left a gaping hole in our ship of state.

  This is not a good omen.


  Post Script-

  After finishing this article, the oath of office was re-administered, correctly this time. It was re-enacted the next day, January 21, in the Map Room of the White House at 7:35 PM.

Take Two

Take Two

  It will be wondered by many whether or not this reverses the original prediction, and in this astrologer's humble opinion, it does not. What it does do is cover any legal grey areas. He should not be able to be assailed on legal grounds.

  In Horary Astrology, a special branch of astrology designed to answer specific questions, it is a specific tenet that the first time you ask the question is the critical one. For instance, you cannot ask if you can marry a particular individual, receive a negative answer, and then come back several minutes, hours, days or weeks later and pose the same question all over again.

  You got your answer.

  Please understand, folks. This is not an outcome I desire, it is what the technical aspects and experience of working with the communications from the stars have taught me over the years. I may be wrong, and circumstances may manifest in such a way that his personal safety is fine, as was Clinton's, but...

  We are all in God's hands.


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