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Week of January 16th - January 22nd, 2009


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  This Monday, January 19th at 5:40 PM, EST the Sun enters Aquarius, bringing our seasonal focus officially on-line. This is the heart, the center, the cornerstone of winter. It's the time of the year when starlight is clearest, the cold severest. The Sun joins Neptune, Chiron, Mercury, Jupiter and the lunar North Node already in Aquarius.

Aquarius sunset

Aquarius sunset. The image is 'artifical' as the Sun is up,
it's daylight, and the stars should not be seen.

  What this means is that there is a greater concentration of energies in one sign. The more you understand about the nature of Aquarian energy, the more you will understand how it manifests in the life around you.

  Aquarius is the sign of the New Age, of science, knowledge, information and the internet. The coming month will be more like the coming Age. We're being given clues about the future. You can learn things if you observe carefully. Life seems to take on more of an electrical charge. Everything is speeded up, happening faster, pulling us in various directions as we learn to multi-task on different levels. Computers show us how this is possible, but computers are only the training wheels of our being able to eventually do it without the hardware, without the technology.

  In the days and weeks ahead, the headlines will be ablaze with information that speaks of change, that calls upon new ideas, and of a new way of looking at things. We are facing new problems, out of which will arise new solutions.

  With stronger charges moving through our nervous systems, learning to slow down and developing ways to soothe the daily buzz will be helpful. On a dietary level staying away from things like caffeine works, but even more basic than food, doing deep breathing exercises is another natural way of helping to slow the nervous system down, reacquainting ourselves with our center.

nervous system

nervous system

  Life is getting busier. What we can do to slow down will help to maintain the balance.

  When planets group in Aquarius, storms are often of greater intensity. This is the heart of winter, and it is now making a strong statement. With Neptune in Aquarius, coastal storms would be particularly powerful. Freezing temperatures and harsh conditions often get the nod. Aquarius is the tradition-breaker. This applies to the weather as well. Continuity is being thrown to the winds. What happened last year is not what's happening this year, nor next. The weather is really weird.

  But Jupiter also just entered Aquarius. This suggests there are opportunities now available to make personal connections, to gather information, to work on collective efforts or team-building programs. Because the time of change is upon us (and the inauguration this Tuesday will capture these themes in its birth map), these conditions are helping to motivate us to try things in ways we haven't tried before, to learn to shape life in a new way.

  Like Aquarian David Bowie says, "Ch-ch-ch- changes!"

  With Pluto now firmly entrenched in Capricorn, the government is tightening the screws on credit, law, and the hardships of what lies before us. While this planetary wave moves through Aquarius, these same pressures are forcing us to be more fiscally frugal. Now is the time to figure out new and different ways to work with those around us to come up with solutions, whether it be with the neighbor next door, or solutions from the internet.


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