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Week of November 21st, - November 27th, 2008

Uranian Pivot

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  Our stellar news this week zeroes in on Thanksgiving day. There are a number of selections which are being stacked one on top of the other over the holiday. How good are you at juggling?

Heavenly Cooking

Heavenly Cooking-
Pisces, anyone?

  First, Uranus pivots, finishing its summertime retrograde motion. It's been moving in reverse since June. The New Moon occurs within the hour of the pivot, about noon east coast time. Throw in Pluto's re-entry into Capricorn Wednesday afternoon, add a healthy dash of Jupiter (parallels to Mercury and Mars also Thursday) and we have all the ingredients for a particularly flavorful celestial stew.

  New information is coming through that ends, once and for all, an old way of doing things. The news could be personal, affecting each of us, or it could be a story in the media that's catching fire (Jupiter). Let's look at some of these factors individually.

  Uranus is probably the strongest single factor at work here. News and information could suddenly disrupt things. Because Uranus is in Pisces, it's what we didn't know that becomes a factor; what you forgot, didn't hear in time, got electronically mis-filed or disengaged because the cell phone signal containing the message to you dropped just as they were getting to the important part. Or, this could be information coming out in the media about what we should have known, but didn't, because it was kept concealed from us. Sleep may be fitful, as we process the 'charge' from old memories.

  Uranus pivots at 18 degrees and 44 minutes of Pisces.

  With this outer planet pivoting, surprise and change are part of the mix. They are two of the characteristics of Uranus. It is said to rule lightning, a force of nature whose beauty, power and destructive fury was used to overpower the Titans.

  Bolts of lightning can travel at speeds up to 60,000 miles per second, their temperatures approach 54,000 Fahrenheit.

Uranus in Pisces

Uranus is in the constellation Aquarius
but in the sign Pisces.
Do you understand the difference?
Not many do.

Thunderstorms, naturally, are a primary source of lightning, but they can also make an appearence during volcanic eruptions, dust storms, or even violent forest fires that generate sufficient dust to create static charges. Mythologically, bolts of lightning were the weapons of Zeus (the sky). Forged by Cyclopes, they helped Zeus overcome his original nemesis, the Titans.

  In history, we see Uranus manifesting in various ways. Blitzkrieg was lightning warfare, while Hannibal's last name, Barca, translates to lightning. Striking hard and fast from unexpected quarters were the hallmarks of their fame. Alexander the Great heralded the Aquarian duodecamoria (ruled by Uranus) of the Age of Aries. He conquered the known world in a three-year campaign.

  We looked at Pluto's entry into Capricorn all last year. It first entered Cap on January 25th, 2008, then retrograded back into Sagittarius on June 13th. When it enters this week, it's here to stay until January 22nd, 2024. Pluto's entry represents his walking into a new series of themes for the next sixteen years. With the New Moon and Uranian pivot, it's entering with a bit of a bang.

  None of these alignments are making 'hard aspects' at this time; they are simply powerful in their own right. Check you chart to see if you have anything at 18 degrees, 44 minutes of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, as well as Leo and Libra).

  Hey y'all. Watch this!


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