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Week of November 14th, - November 20th, 2008

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  The election is history, so where do we stand?

Obama Team

The Obama Team

  We covered a few of the celestial details in our 10/10 edition of the WEB, but this week let's step back and examine some of the larger picture. Even though the change in administration will not take place until the oath of office is taken on January 20th, 2009, the seeds of the future are already there.

  In his first televised appearance before the country as president elect, Obama appeared with his 'team' of financial advisors.

  Say hello to Aquarius.

  Barack Obama has Aquarius rising. Aquarians are information gathering people who work within a network of friends or resource systems that pull together in a spirit of cooperation. Aquarius is particularly big on individuals who stand up for community rights, the social activists. They march to the beat of a different drummer, because the voices are talking to them... usually offering advice.

  And Aquarians are good at taking the best advice and running with it. Thomas Jefferson had Uranus rising, the ruler of Aquarius, inventor and big on personal freedom and independence. Andrew Jackson had Uranus rising, He had a 'kitchen cabinet' (where the expression comes from) of friends he would kick things around with. For all his 'Ol' Hickory' stubbornness, he was a man of the people.

  Abe Lincoln was an Aquarian, and I don't think we have to dig very deep to tap into his 'of the people, by the people, for the people' roots. Like Jackson, Lincoln attempted to provide the people with their own system of finance, free from a central banking system and its formula of debt.

Another Aquarian from Illinois

Another Aquarian Senator from Illinois

  JFK had Uranus in Aquarius. He, too, attempted to make the people free by generating a debt-free money. These are common celestial threads.

  The chart of the US of A has a Moon in Aquarius. As a family (Moon) we feel as though we're all related, an international community pulling together as a single nation. And we are. We are the melting pot of the ethnic divisions of the world, another microcosm of the coming Age. The Moon represents one's birth. With a Moon in Aquarius we were born from the cradle of the Revolution.

  Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2009 will have four planets, Chiron and the Moon's lunar node in Aquarius. Change is in the air.

  As we approach the Age of Aquarius, it's vibration is growing stronger. We now stand in the light of the approaching dawn. The social, economic and even environmental changes we are witnessing will continue as Mother Nature's takes off an old dress and dons a new one. The more you understand the essential nature of Aquarius in all the microcosms around you; in the members of your family, the figures of history, or the events in our lives in the media today, the more you'll perceive the similarity of vibration that is getting ready to step center stage. The future is Aquarius. Look and you will see.

  We are indeed headed for a one world government and an international system of exchange, but it will not be based upon the models that exist now. Once the celestial iron has smoothed the way and worked out a few of the kinks, all the people of the planet will willingly work as one under heaven.

  Of one thing we can be certain. Change is on the way. It's just not going to happen as we imagined.


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