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Week of November 7th, - November 13th, 2008

Sunshine Superman

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  The Sun is a busy guy this week. Normally he jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn, flies across the sky and works every day until sundown. It's a deity job, but somebody has to do it.

Sunshine Superman

Apollo as Lord of the Sun

  The Sun represents the spark of life, the heart of our being. It is obviously hot and dry, but it is also strong and focused. It confers general prosperity, high rank and a warmth of interaction. It rules our popularity. The Sun's day is Sunday, his metal gold and his color orange.

  Together with Venus, the Sun rules the affairs of the heart, our love and affection for one another. The Sun also rules balls, games and sports of all kinds, from ping pong to elephant soccer. It rules cats, through its rulership over the sign Leo, and to watch kittens twist and turn, jump and play while not taking their focus off the ball is how they learn to catch the critters that attempt to twist and turn as they try to get away.

  The Sun is the focus of our calendar as time keeper. Our year is a measure of the relationship of the Earth to the Sun, and as it enters each new sign and season, it gives life to that time of the year.

  The Sun is very active as he moves from Friday to Thursday of our WEBWeek. On Friday evening (7th) it will square Chiron, and some of the more sensitive issues that we must deal with may come to the fore. This is a wonderful time for healing emotional knots, but be careful that you don't entrench folks even more deeply in outworn patterns that no longer serve. Tender areas require sensitivity. Noon Saturday would be a better time to resolve the issues as the Moon trines the Sun.

Sunshine Superman II

Sunshine Superman

  Early Monday morning the Sun sextiles Jupiter. We will most feel some of this vibe around noon on Sunday (yes, Sunday) as our spirits are animated. We feel good about ourselves and our projects. There is hope. This theme continues throughout the latter part of the day on Sunday, although Sunday evening may show some signs of fatigue.

  Monday is perhaps our easiest and most exciting day of the week. Coming off the early morning good vibes, we are stimulated and excited by the Sun's trine to Uranus in the afternoon. Life is exciting, stimulated, effervescent and bubbly. We're turned on by the people we interact with, the information we are trying to digest, or the on-line activities we are researching. The stars smile down on us from above.

  Tuesday morning we're back at work, getting the things we need to done. This is deep, powerful energy, industrial grade. The Sun sextiles Saturn and parallels Pluto. The high side is this energy can be used to dig deep into projects, driving for the very source of their essence. If we need to make financial cuts because of growing expenses, now is a good time to make decisions about what to do and how to squeeze the nickel (does anyone remember nickels?).

  Finally, Thursday evening we're building into the Full Moon, as the Sun opposes the Moon. This one could throw us for a loop, as the Sun then squares Neptune Thursday morning, and we wake up feeling tired or unsettled. We're mentally preoccupied, which means that we may forget stuff. Many will be up late Wednesday evening, and will feel the effects as they arise Thursday morning.


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