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Week of October 31st, - November 4th, 2008

Awakening From a Daydream

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  Looking at the week's panorama, there are two skylights of note. The first is late Saturday night/early Sunday morning as Neptune changes direction in the celestial stream, stirring deeper psychological roots within us. We may feel more deeply moved.

Poseidon in Copenhagen

Poseidon (Neptune)

  Neptune is the Lord of the Closet. Its realm includes the sleep and dreams of the mind at rest. It's the vast chasm of the imagination wherein we fly with the eagles, run with the pride or swim upstream as salmon. But in more mundane terms, it's also the realm wherein we store feelings we don't want to deal with; doubts, uncertainties, confusions and sensitivities. Tender stuff. Because the conscious intent is to 'forget about them', they are packed away with quietly muffled cries of protest.

  The problem is, like a good wine (Neptune), these sealed vessels cause the contents to ferment with time, adding more of a charge to the brew.

  When Neptune changes direction, it stirs our deeper connections with the psyche. What's in your basement? It can manifest on various levels. It may mean your dreams are more vivid, broadcasting memorable reflections. Or it could be you can't sleep because you're 'thinking about stuff', tossing and turning into the night.

  A Neptune pivot could be having to face some unknown, venturing down some new path in life. Where might we wind up?

  Do Neptune pivots only come through in uncomfortable ways? No. The pivot occurs at 21 and a half degrees of Aquarius. If this position is making hard aspects to a planet in your chart, (21 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Cancer and Virgo will be most impacted) it will take more effort to effectively integrate changing conditions in your life. If the Neptune pivot is making smooth aspects to your chart, say trining the other air signs at 21 degrees of Gemini or Libra, then you'll enjoy some of the new components about to unfold. This could be supportive friends or information that confirms what you suspected, etc. News makes things easier. The pivot stirs the pot. What does 21 Aquarius do for you? If you don't have anything at 21 degrees you won't notice much, like a passing storm in which you didn't get wet. No big deal.

  Channelling this energy would be helpful, as in cleaning out storage areas (basements, garages, attics, closets), wherever you hide stuff away. It's also a good time to forgive folks, letting go of old grudges (emotional charges) or dead ends.

Lightning strikes

Uranus (lightning) opposing Saturn?

  Our other alignment this week is Tuesday morning, voting day. Vote early, as the Moon goes Void of Course at 9:20 AM EST!

  Saturn opposes Uranus today, an outer planet alignment. Because these two move more slowly, we don't see them as often. They stir deeper social currents when activated.

  Major changes are in the works now. The establishment (Saturn) is undergoing radical transition (Uranus). The wall (Saturn) is about to crack (Uranus). The government (Saturn) is undergoing a major shift (Uranus). Electronic equipment (Uranus) is being tested (Saturn), or malfunctions (Saturn) as these two planets oppose each other, increasing polarity and tension. The administration (Saturn) does not agree with the information (Uranus).

  New pillars are being put into place.


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