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Week of October 24th, - October 30th, 2008

By the Numbers

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  Astrology was in many ways the central nervous system of ancient academia. An earnest desire to understand the motions of heaven inspired geometry along the waters of the Nile and Indus River valleys, emerged as algebra with the Babylonians in the shade of the Fertile Crescent and evolved as spherical trigonometry among the Greek islands. Each was seeking to understand heavenly motion, working to sharpen their tools of calculation to help 'predict' the positions of the stars. Some have gone so far as to call astrology the Mother of Mathematics.

Indus Valley

Indus River Valley

  Little in the ancient world was done without celestial blessing. The father of medicine, Hippocrates said that a doctor that didn't use astrology was more of a fool than a physician. Hesiod recorded celestial farming tips for us in his Works and Days. From the skies comes the calendar, harnessing the religious and social year. But besides these essential cornerstones of civilization, astrology is essentially numerology applied to space and time.

  One. The Eternal One, the Essential One, the Only One. Divide the circle by one and you get One, back to yourself, Divinity within you.

  This is the conjunction. When two planets conjunct each other, there is a new initiate, a new start. We have choice and control, although headstrong and eager to rush into the fray. With the conjunction, the choice is yours and yours alone. Right or wrong, it's time to motivate, to locomote.

  Two. The Duality which is not complete until fused, night and day, woman and man, yin and yang. Each complements and completes the other.

  The 360 degrees of the circle divided by two yields 180 degrees, the opposition. Oppositions are the aspect of push/pull, competition or corporation, war and peace. The wisdom of opposition is mutual respect and a balanced outcome.

  Three. Number of the Trinity. From the union of the Two the third emerges. Left and right, yes and no, now combined with front and back.


  The future. In youth the seed continues.

  One third of 360 degrees is 120 degrees, a trine. Trines are creative, fun, enthusiastic explorers. They bring excitement to their parties or projects.

  Four is the number of foundations, of walls and boxes. Their rectangular shape is representative of the 'square' in geometry, construction and astrology. They are solid and strong, offering protection and defense from people and elements. Squares require action. They are doers who take on a challenge and are willing to confront alternative viewpoints.

  Five is the number of digits on each hand and foot, as well as the number of senses.

  The quintile is a 72 degree alignment, one/fifth of 360 degrees. It deals with talents, crafts and a sophisticated integration of the two.

  Six is the number of ease and pleasure. It is enjoyable to listen to, and has interesting ideas. There are insights into Nature where six is concerned.

  The sextile is one/sixth of the circle or 60 degrees. They are the number of social collectives and day to day events. They like to talk.

  The Father of Numbers, Pythagoras of Samos was considered the first philosopher. He once said "number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and demons."

  I would tend to agree.


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