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Week of October 17th, - October 23rd, 2008

Pluto Rising

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  Pluto often gets a bad rap. Besides being the Deus of Death and leftovers, we usually only hear about the 'shadow side' of this ruler, but there's more hiding under his invisibility cap than meets the eye.


Shades of Pluto

  Astrologically, Pluto rules Scorpio. Rulerships suggest that the two are vibrationally linked. The planet is lord and master, the heart of the vibration, while the sign represents the realm he commands.

  Scorpio's a fixed water sign, which means that these people are very 'set' in their habits. Determined, rigid and locked might be other adjectives we could use. Their focus rivets into whatever they happen to be obsessing on at the moment. They spend extended amounts of time, peering and pouring, delving into mechanics, electronics, financial schemes, Blackberries or iPods until they figure it out. No matter what. They not only are able to uncover what's wrong, they generally wind up getting paid for it as well. Of course they can spend their time with their mind fused to things other than simply circuit repairs. They can wrap their tenacious tentacles around lust and passion, anguish and grief, or rage and revenge just as well.

  This Wednesday, October 22nd at 9:08 PM EDT, the Sun will enter the underground chambers of Scorpio. The Sun represents our life force, heart-beat and divine essence. When our autumnal light-keeper enters the realm of darkness, things may be revealed that heretofore had been hidden.

  Pluto focuses its will, for good or ill. It can ponder a problem, squeeze a nickel, or pursue a passion with equal fervor. It can also be great wealth and treasure. The name ploutos in Greek means wealth. People with strong Pluto or Scorpio in their charts can do well in life, their inner drive ferreting through code, head unmoving, eyes screening for answers. On the flip side Pluto can be the old man at the bus station, collapsed in a chair, locked in an unblinking stare, watching every move, weirding you out. Youth likes to tempt Pluto by walking on life's edge with a smile, wearing black skull & crossbones T-shirts, immortality held loosely in their hand as they try their balance.

  There are many heads to the Hydra.

  But when the coiled energy of the kundalini is channeled up the spinal column to the crown chakra, it becomes a powerful resource for accomplishment. I have seen people crank out doctoral dissertations and write books under its influence. Pluto focuses the will, providing a determination to see the job through, to get the deed done. Problems in the way? Move them out. Need additional resources?

Fire hose

Scorpio's 'Fixed Water' can
really crank it out when it wants to!

Dig into your sock. If you need to transform, resurrect, dig up or renew old patterns of doing things, Pluto is your planet. They get the toe of the shovel under the root and know how to use leverage.

  There are riches to be found in the darkness, from nuts under the leaves to the musty wonders of nature. What will you endeavor to do with these highly charged and deeply emotional energies?

  Pluto often gets a bad rap. It is loss and death, and all the emotionally devastating emotions that can go along with it. But once it truly learns how to shed its skin, to really let go of the old forms and open to the new, a whole new richness and meaning opens like the lotus. Part of the trick is in knowing the path extends through the darkness.


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