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Week of October 10th, - October 16th, 2008

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US Mars/Neptune Square

The US Mars Neptune Square

  There are two dates on the political horizon that would be interesting to glimpse. Both are Tuesdays: one, November 4th, 2008, and the other January 20th, 2009. One is the election, the other the inauguration. Which way does the wind blow and what can we expect on these days?

  Here's the astrological mumbo-jumbo for those of you who want to try and hang on. We'll deal with what it means next.

  In the US natal chart, we have a Mars/Neptune square. It's an aspect that makes things difficult for our military, judicial system, and stock market. When it was exact by secondary progression, the US Army was at one of its military nadirs, the winter of Valley Forge. There are a couple of celestial triggers that are getting ready to set this natal configuration off, and it seems to be tied into the inauguration.

  So what do we do? What is happening, and when will it play out this year?

  The US Mars is 21 deg. Gemini 22 mins, while Neptune is 22 deg. Virgo 25 mins. Just leave it be said that that's tight, which means it's strong. Transiting Saturn is currently climbing in the sky to 21 deg. Virgo 46 mins on the last day of the year, stopping just short of (but very close to) the US Neptune at 22 Virgo 25. Translation? How about, 'Time's up!' Saturn moves high enough to make exact squares to the US Mars on December 10, 2008 and January 21, 2009. On the former we'll catch a glimpse of the new hurdles, the new obstacles the nation will have to face. We won't much like it.


Last day of the year.
Transiting Saturn, at the top of the US chart on December 31st, as it pivots.
A 'Sobriety Test' for the administration?

  Each of these dates 'milks' Saturn's celestial juice from the heavens. The earth is bathed in its rays. The military's (Mars) future prospects are looking dim, their hard work and effort will have gone for naught. Decisions will ride on the calendar year coming to a conclusion. An era of an administration is coming to a close.

  Some portion of our national outlook will be very bleak at that time, the government let us down. We will see. Watch the news.

  Notice, too, that this last series (Saturn squaring Mars) is exact the day after the inauguration. Whoever wins the election is going to have a tough row to hoe over the next four years. The cracks in the system will really be seen once the current administration leaves. Clinton handed the Bush administration a budget in the black. Bush will hand the next administration a financial black hole. This will become abundantly clear both in the last month, and especially in the last 72 hours of the year.

  On election day, the alignments call for smokescreens and illusions. There will be underhanded dealings, and more of them will turn up, and even be caught. Not all is what it seems.

  On inauguration day, there is a call for a radical shift across the land. With the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, the Moon's lunar node, Chiron and Neptune all in Aquarius, there are six celestial votes for change that will not be denied. This is a crescendo of activity, a wave of electricity seeking change, demanding change, thirsty for change. If the in-coming president takes his inaugural oath of office after 12:30 PM, his presidency will fare well. If, however, he takes his oath of office before 12:29 PM while the transiting Moon is still Void-of-Course, his administration is likely to be swept entirely off course by foreign ties to the US portfolio, his administrative initiatives blunted by these ill-gotten financial winds.


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