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Week of September 19th, - September 25th, 2008


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Between the Trines

Mars and Mercury, on either side of the 'x' at the bottom of the chart
are trining Neptune (the pitchfork) in Aquarius
just below the picture of Athena

  Over the weekend, there are two distinct sets of alignments at work. One set is potentially abrasive, the other healing. Unfortunately, they are interwoven and will be playing out at the same time.

  If we're not careful, there are three alignments that could potentially stir up trouble Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and evening. Tempers could flair, equipment may malfunction. There is power here but it may be misaligned. The tension is strongest Friday. Saturday morning is more of a waiting game. Things take longer, are held up due to restrictions, or take more work than anticipated. Saturday evening, the Sun squares Pluto. The forces of light and darkness are having a hard time with each other. Egos conflict, power struggles ensue. We wrestle with financial issues or are emotionally pressured. With the two earlier aspects, there could be elements of fatigue and frustration at work throughout this 48 hour period.

Between the Trines

The potential for electrical problems increases
under Mars/Uranus inconjuncts

  On the flip side, because these are such powerful alignments, there is much that we can get done. It's like using power tools. They're dangerous, but if you use them right they can save you one heck of a lot of work. Nestled in-between these three alignments are a couple of modifiers. Late Friday evening, the energy settles down and we get a chance to think or talk. This is the time to be making decisions, to be collecting information, to gather our wits. We're coming from a more centered space.

  The other calming alignment is Sunday evening. Supported by the lunar aspects, the whole day is nice. Mars trines Neptune and we seem to be able to do what we want. We can get some rest, recharge our batteries, get out into nature or spend some time with those who are shut away. We're sensitive to our environment, and in general that environment is supportive to us.

  With two Martial aspects and the Sun/Pluto square Friday and Saturday, there is the danger of getting angry, of being impulsive, of pushing too hard or even of simply being selfish. Mars is I, me, mine.


Read the sign of the times

Under hard aspects this can represent running hot. The more you want to push, force or coerce, the more you should hold back. Besides being impulsive, much of the danger may come from not taking others into consideration.

  This is a time during which dirty jobs and difficult tasks can be taken on, emotional pockets plumbed and vented. This weekend is the end of the Sun's passage through Virgo, before it enters Libra and the start of Autumn on Monday. This is an excellent time to finish up projects, put away tools and wrap up the old seasonal cycle. Just make sure you're letting other people in on your plans.

  Over the weekend, there are two distinct sets of alignments at work. The latter can be used to help guide the former, to know that this is a potentially dangerous time, to test the waters carefully as we proceed. Engines run hot all the time, and they usually get us there, but there are precautions and advice, and these are the times to be paying attention, which the smooth aspects can help us do. It could simply be that we're moving so fast that accidents are more likely. Take a few moments to step back and think about what it is you're doing before you jump into the fray.

  You'll be glad you did.


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