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Week of September 12th, - September 18th, 2008

A Cascade of Planets

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The entourage moving through Libra

Mars, Venus and Mercury moving through Libra

  There are a number of planets transiting through the skies in a cluster now, even though we can't see them most of the time. Glimpsed shortly after sunset, Mars, Venus and Mercury are running through the mid degrees of Libra and are making some very nice aspects to a couple of slower moving outer planets.

  What this means is that when it rains, it pours. Whenever you have a group of planets like this, they make a series of aspects, one after the other in quick succession. The results are either more enjoyable or more painful, depending on the aspect and your own ability to cope with such matters. On Friday and Saturday (12th-13th) one of the more enjoyable series is set off as (in order) Mercury, Venus and Mars all quintile Pluto.

  Collectively this means we're turned on by the people or circumstances around us. Creativity is running at a high. This is not a time to sit back and let things happen to you, it is a time to choreograph the sequence yourself. We're more convincing in our presentations. We articulate more precisely. We're willing to look more deeply into what others have to say. We're excited by what we see.

  These alignments build into the crest of the Full Moon Monday morning, so Sunday evening may be when things may come to a head, but Friday and Saturday are definitely part of the mix.

  Here's a breakdown on the days.

  Events actually begin Thursday evening (11th), as Venus conjuncts Mars. We're turned on and are more apt to give attention to that which interests us. Social events, musical performances, projects which require craft and cooperation can be initiated or enjoyed now. Just past midnight Mercury quintiles Pluto and we are focused and on-target. It is time to set the stage, outline our game plan, or lay the 'groundwork'.

Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars
Aphrodite and Ares

  Friday evening Venus quintiles Pluto, while Venus parallels Mars just past midnight. Sensuality and magnetism are strong. We are turned on by what's happening, but as with any Pluto aspect, it's a little scary. That's what helps to make it so exciting.

  Late Saturday afternoon (6:30 PM) Mars quintiles Pluto and the old and contemporary rulers of Scorpio are in agreement. Focus your energy, your passion, your finances now, and you will catch one of the strongest responses.

  Finally, on Sunday evening Mercury conjuncts Venus, and we talk about what we enjoy. Be careful though, others may not enjoy it quite as much. Share, but don't push views into the evening.

  In general, the energy is purest and least complicated Friday. On Saturday our passions are heightened, but we start to question whether this is a path we really want to pursue. Sunday evening/Monday morning flushes the question.

  Circumstances here are being described in a relationship context, and for many they will manifest that way; how they are dealing with others. It is an excellent time for counsel.

  The overall balance of the weekend is decidedly favorable, and so in general, events should be encouraged, new ventures tackled. Work with them and a whole new resource may begin to open up, but also be willing to follow where things leads. The path make take a turn or two before you get there.


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