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Week of September 5th, - September 11th, 2008

The Pivots

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Zeus Lord of the Gods

Zeus (Jupiter), Lord of the Gods

  A scan of the week's events quickly focuses us on Monday Eastern Daylight Time, when both Jupiter and Pluto will station and begin their direct motion. These are the 'pivots' of the planets, when it appears to us on Earth that the heavenly bodies 'change direction' in their path. It would be like watching a lazy river with a leaf drifting along the surface in the current. After a while, a wind comes along and gently pulls the leaf in a small arc until it grabs hold and begins to carry the silent green sail back upstream, against the current. Headway continues for a while, but as the wind abates, the power of the current takes over once again turning the leaf back downstream.

  The leaf has turned twice. Each of these 'turns' is considered to be a 'pivot.'

  It has long been felt, and has been my personal observation, that the pivots are indeed times when things are shaken loose, charged or have more power. Exact alignments are what we generally look at here in the Daily Planet's section of the WEB each week, but there are other 'triggers' that can activate alignments, such as when planets rise, culminate or set. Each of these 'triggers' carries with it a nuance of meaning. So the question naturally arises, how does one 'weigh' the power of these various combinations when determining what to look at? The following was Ptolemy's assessment in the 2nd century AD.

  "The first and most potent cause of such events lies in the conjunctions of the sun and moon at eclipse and the movements of the stars at the time. Of the prediction itself, one portion is regional; therein we must foresee for what countries or cities there is significance in the various eclipses or in the occasional regular stations of the planets, that is, of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars."

  Ptolemy observed that the visible outer planets (those farther from the Sun) 'fall' more slowly around the Sun and their pivots seemed to be stronger. The same can be said of the planets beyond our visual range, of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Although unknown as planetary bodies in Ptolemy's time, their pivots are stronger for the same reason.

Pluto with Pluto

Pluto with Pluto

  On Monday, both Jupiter and Pluto pivot; Jupiter at 12 degrees 32 minutes of Capricorn, and Pluto at 28 degrees 30 minutes of Sagittarius. If you have any planets or angles in your chart at these degrees, you are about to be impacted. A degree or two either side of these positions is close enough. The tighter the alignment, the stronger the 'hit'. The powers of the Lords of Creation are being focused through this 48 hour period. Jupiter pivots at 12:17 Monday morning (impacting Sunday evening), while Pluto is at the other end of the day, at 11:14 PM.

  These are strong currents. The wind is about to fill your sails. While the Jupiter pivot will trine Saturn, it will also be squaring Mercury and Mars in Libra. Translation? We can get much accomplished on the business level, but we could also impact some intimates adversely. Not everybody likes what you're doing, and this wind is likely to tell you exactly what they think of your misguided efforts. Be ready to be challenged. This current will help to move us along, but try to be mindful of how it may affect others.


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