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Week of August 29th, - September 4th, 2008

Hoof and Sickle

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The Ringed Planet

The Karmic King

  As the Sun rises Friday morning, two celestial figures vie for attention. The Karmic King and Lord of the Centaurs cast a wary eye toward each other as they slowly circle overhead, stepping to center stage, sickle and bow at the ready.

  The Karmic King is Saturn. As Father Time, he controls timetables, schedules and where you have to be at noon. Time is the canopy under which heaven continually turns, a living clock with each horizon, planet and star an hour-, minute- or second- hand.

the Sagittarian arrow

The Sagittarian bow

  The Lord of the Centaurs is Chiron, a figure which stands just outside of the traditional Greek pantheon. Although Jupiter was his brother (both shared the Titan Saturn as father), they were not on an equal footing under heaven.

  The myth of Chiron's birth is a familiar weave: lustful god chooses mortal form to achieve divine ends. In an effort to escape notice of his wife Rhea, Saturn disguises himself as a stallion that he might lie with the Oceanid Philyra. Unfortunately Mrs. Saturn (Rhea) turns up and Philyra flees her home in shame and rears Chiron in the mountains of Pelasgia. While growing up, Chiron was ever on the quest for medicinal knowledge, learning about each herb, tree and root. He learned the martial arts and taught the secrets of its wisdom to those who would later become heroes. He even taught them how to speak the language of the gods written in the stars as he followed their motions through the skies.

  But Chiron's wisdom came at a price. In the centaur's case, it was the experience of having to know pain, death and loss while immortal. While examining one of Heracles's poisoned arrows, Chiron dropped it on his hoof. The poison was so strong, the pain so great, that Chiron prayed to Zeus to be released from his immortality, die, and be liberated from his eternal torment.

Saturn and Philyra

Saturn and Philyra

  So what does it mean that Saturn contraparallels Chiron Friday the 29th? Work is hard, age is catching up with us. New information changes everything. Look to where you're stressed, challenged or must otherwise shoulder a cross. Projects take more time than anticipated. Construction detours throw us off-track. There is a general lack of warmth and support. Cold or distant father figure themes can be flushed under this combo. In astrology, Saturn represents father figures, while Saturn is Chiron's father. Old wounds, born of not having any control or power, are hammered back to the surface. Getting older may mean constrictive life adjustments, of having to learn new habits. There's less time to make important decisions. Deadlines are coming due.

  In spite of all this, these 'issues' are winding down; a cycle is coming to a close. Since the New Moon is Saturday the 30th about 4 PM, events we are chewing on (and we will be chewing on things) Friday and early Saturday are part of a fading picture. There's no need to attempt to force them to a close, they are coming to a close by themselves. Give them time.

  The advice is not to try and force issues that are taking more than their fare share of sands through the hourglass. Be willing to let go of issues which come to a head through Friday (29th) and early Saturday (30th) morning. As we move into next week, events begin to fall more into place (except Wednesday afternoon) as we go.


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