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Week of August 22nd, - August 28th, 2008

Dancing with the 'To do' List

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To-Do list

The 'To Do' List

  Virgo catches some of the celestial highlights this week. First, the Sun enters the sign of the Virgin on Friday. The heart of our endeavors and the focus of our actions begin to receive the full weight of our attention. Whether it is returning to the job or going back to school, the upcoming month brings with it a seasonal shift in gears that affects us all. It's time to get back to work.

  Virgo is traditionally thought of as the time of the harvest, when the crops are ready and the community must come together as a team. Virgo is an earth sign. The products of the earth are being crafted to serve us all. Our founding fathers were farmers. It wasn't until the 1920s that the urban overtook the rural population in this country.

  As industry has overtaken our principle social focus, Virgo finds itself concerned with practical puzzles. Things like: how can we make more money at what we do, how can we fix that which has been broken, or how can we best get the job done? Henry Ford found a way to revolutionize production. Now we attempt to figure out ways to understand and address issues for the environment.

  All of this number-crunching and problem-solving is part of the realm of Mercury, the ruler of Virgo. Because Virgo is an earth sign, it's more concerned with the practical doing of things, rather than theoretical analysis or ideas.

Hermes, aka Mercury

Hermes, aka Mercury

  Over the weekend, Venus and Mercury are running together through the heavens. As they pass through Virgo, they will oppose Uranus in Pisces. This will manifest in many different ways for many different people, but here is the gist of what will happen.

  Together, Mercury and Venus make for pleasant (Venus) conversations, thoughts, communications, and day-to-day events (Mercury). In Virgo these can be jobs that need to be gotten done, details that need to be attended to, or lists of what must happen.

  But when these two oppose Uranus in Pisces, unexpected (Uranus) events transpire from out of the blue (Pisces). We hadn't thought of it (Mercury) that way before. We didn't see it coming, or new information (Uranus or Mercury) emerges. Information causes a shift in judgement, new cards turn up which change the nature of your bet, or a change in beliefs is called upon as we must re-examine what we once thought to be true.

  People change their minds, and do or don't tell you about it. Either way, there's a shift. Because Uranus rules electricity and Mercury the nervous system, there's a real buzz in the air. On the high side people are quicker, and pick up on new concepts, schemes, plans and information. On the flip side, some find the shifts disrupting, disappointing, alarming and even fearful. People don't like having to face the unknown, and Pisces is the unknown. Uranus in Pisces is bringing to light that which has not been known before. Undersea discoveries, closet issues, or on-line activitues will be the arenas wherein these shifts could take place. Pieces of the puzzle emerge to give us a clearer picture. The question is, will we like what we see?

  Try not to remain rigid in your perspectives. Allow the Universe to surprise you with a new way of looking at things. These points (what arises now) should be considered. Don't take it personally when we find ourselves having to dance to a changing tempo.


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