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Week of August 8th - August 14th, 2008

Serious Saturn

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  At the end of this week Mercury and Venus will be making aspects to Saturn in Virgo. At that time, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn will all be in Virgo, forcing us to deal with some hard work or health issues. Order, efficiency, and a job well done are some of the more positive manifestations of these alignments, while nit-picking, criticism, and fault finding will be some of the less desirable manifestations.

  Early Wednesday morning, August 13th, Venus will parallel Saturn. At 1:03 Wednesday afternoon, Venus conjuncts Saturn. Thursday evening Mercury will parallel Saturn, and then on Friday the 15th Mercury conjuncts Saturn.

  Saturn is time, responsibility, maturity, discipline and issues which require a guiding hand. Venus deals with affections, pleasantries, and good social graces. Under Saturn's influence, there may not be enough time for fun, as the efficient use of Saturn's sands has sucked all the energy from enjoyable activities. Like Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) Steven Stills says, "I just ain't no fun anymore."

Steven Stills

Steven Stills
(photo by Ben Wilder)

  On the flip side, our image is maturing, we can present a tighter, leaner and more efficient business model, one that smooths out some of the bumps and builds upon the experience that comes with age. Portfolio's, different promo photos, redesigned business cards, brochures, or even office settings can all now be buffed to a higher degree.

  As Mercury first parallels and then conjuncts the ringed planet, communications feel the gravity of the Saturnian tug. People are hard to talk to, rules get in the way, or we are asked to preform chores generally not to our liking. But on the flip side this is a good time to think (Mercury) about our time (Saturn), organizing our schedules, taking care of the elderly, or even for using time as a defense, as in, "It's four o'clock, I really must be going." Saturn aspects such as these are heaven's way of getting us to work on our patience, learning to deal with circumstances when we must cut across the grain.

  With the Sun inconjuncting Uranus (sudden disruptions) and contraparalleling Neptune (didn't see it coming) early Thursday morning (we'll feel most of it Wednesday evening), unexpected shifts throw us off balance as we realize the amount of work that's involved. This is going to take awhile.

  The high side to these early morning alignments is that they may knock us off our butts and help us to delve into an area we otherwise would have had no intention of going. All of the planets have a measure of karma (payback) built into them, but Neptune is especially potent in this regard as it collects all the stuff we try to ignore, forget or deny, adds a little seasoning, waits for it to ferment, and then capitalizes on the brew. Neptune remains patient until we're not paying attention, and then wallops us with old issues when we were least expecting it.

  "But why does it have to happen now??"

  A common lament. The alignments at the end of this week represent work on a project or task which will be time consuming and difficult. Roll up your sleeves, give it the time and attention it needs, and major accomplishments can come from your investment. It may be difficult, it may be hard, but with Saturn's help, it can make it worthwhile.

  If it all works out, it's because you earned it.


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