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Aug 6 aspects

Aspects on Aug 6

  On Wednesday, August 6th, there will be five 'planetary' alignments. This means that a number of aspects are all happening at once. There's more 'juice' in the system. Things are more animated, events transpire, people's wires get crossed.

  I distinguish 'planetary' alignments from 'lunar' alignments. The Moon is the fastest moving body in the heavens as seen from Earth. It can move from twelve to fifteen degrees a day, depending on where it is in its orbit. The Moon deals with emotional rises and falls. For instance, you go into work day after day and it's the same old routine, but your mood can change. One day you're feeling pretty good, while on another you didn't get enough sleep last night. How you felt at breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be different.

  Through the day Wednesday the Moon makes thirteen aspects to the other planets, on Monday it makes only six. The Moon is how we feel and is reflective of what it is we're already doing. The soft, silver light accommodates.

Lunar influences

Lunar influences

  It is the other alignments, the 'planetary' aspects, that form the backbone of each day. The planets move more slowly than the Moon, their effects linger longer. Look to planetary combinations for what is actually happening. The influences of the Moon are an emotional watercolor of your response to it.

  On August 6th, Mercury will inconjunct Uranus at 1:46 AM, the Sun inconjuncts Jupiter at 2:56 AM, Mars contraparallels Uranus at 10:53 AM, Mars opposes Uranus at 2:37 PM, and Mercury opposes Neptune at 2:40 PM. That's five aspects in just under 13 hours. Here's some of the gist of what it means.

  Mercury inconjuncting Uranus: communications are intermittent, accidents are possible. Folks are saying things that cut across the grain. Independence isn't such a good thing if the other guy is being independent from you!

  The Sun inconjuncting Jupiter tends to stretch and over-inflate. It's a bigger problem, there's need for haste, it's time to take action now. People are pushing the envelope, taking things to extremes. When we look back the problem was neither as great nor as bad as the present moment would seem to dictate.

Lunar influences

What's Mars Uranus like?

  Mars contraparallels Uranus is where spontaneous meets erratic. Folks unexpectedly lash out, or must deal with dramatically shifting conditions. Three hours later Mars opposes Uranus. This deepens the polarity, adding still more electricity to the mix. Individuals fly in the face of convention.

  Finally, Mercury opposes Neptune mid-afternoon. We're not certain of our information. Intuition is playing a strong factor, but as it mixes with imagination, the outcome may not be exactly accurate.

  Because there are five planetary combinations at work, more people are being influenced by at least some of the alignments. These are strong currents. Remaining fluid to the situation, holding off on judgement (or accusations) during the rush is advisable, because not all the facts are in.

  It is possible to turn this energy towards ripping out and repairing, taking on a major construction project, or redesigning a life event.

  But don't be surprised if you wind up uncovering more than you had originally anticipated.


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