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Week of July 18th, - July 24th, 2008

The Inconjunct

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Inconjuncts fall 30 degrees
either side of the opposition

  This week there are two alignments we will focus on, each an inconjunct. Some astrologers like to use the term quincunx, but they are both the same in number of degrees. An opposition is when two planets are right across the chart from each other, at 180 degrees of arc. Each of the signs of the zodiac are a 30 degree slice of the circle of the zodiac. An alignment of 150 degrees is therefore one sign either side of the opposition.

  One of the characteristics of inconjuncts is that there is nothing similar between the signs making the aspect. For instance, if you had a planet at zero degrees of Aries, the two points that would inconjunct it would be zero degrees of Virgo and zero degrees of Scorpio (left). Aries is a cardinal fire sign, Virgo a mutable earth sign, and Scorpio a fixed water sign. NONE of those combinations share anything in common. If you had a planet at 15 degrees of Leo, Aquarius is the opposite sign, so the two signs either side of that would make the inconjuncts, 15 degrees of Capricorn and 15 degrees of Pisces.

nervous system

The human nervous system

  In my experience, inconjuncts heighten the nervous system, making it more alert, attentive and dedicated. They are very focused on what they are doing, and how they are doing it. The problem is, they are so focused on what they are doing that their spirit can push right through physical limitations. On the high side, they can accomplish superhuman feats of will power, but on the flip side they can seriously hurt themselves as the body cannot always keep up. Accidents, breakage, and people acting like they had way too much coffee can be the result. In extreme cases, this aspect can even indicate death.

  On Monday morning at 7:47 AM the Sun will inconjunct Pluto in the 29th degree. These are the forces of light and darkness, each attempting to 'push' their point of view. Will-powers collide, confrontation with authorities are possible, while being fired might not be a surprising outcome. On the high side, both of these planets bring to the plate their own powers of concentration and focus, so if you have a job which requires deep cleaning or a major (greasy, dirty, time-consuming) overhaul, this is an excellent aspect to get things done, as long as you don't hurt yourself. Use the recommended safety features as described in the manual. Naturally, it might not be the time to work with circumstances which are themselves rickety, fragile or dangerous.

  The other alignment occurs at 5:22 AM Wednesday morning as Mercury inconjuncts Neptune. Both Neptune and Pluto rule water signs and are deeply emotional in their bearing, but while Pluto is fixed, Neptune is mutable and rolls with the flow. Mercury (the mind, communications and speech) inconjuncting Neptune can indicate forgetting things, being emotionally distracted, or disagreements over what was originally meant, said, discussed or negotiated. Usually it manifests as someone's mind being elsewhere, off on a daydream or thinking about what was just said (but then not catching what is now being said as a result). In extreme cases this can even be intentional deception (one that shouldn't be too difficult to poke holes in) such as lying or misrepresentation.

  The same aspect, different planets. Since each occurs early in the morning, you may feel some of their impact the night before they are exact.


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