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Week of June 27th, - July 3rd, 2008

Moon Pie

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Moon Pie

Who said the Moon was made of Green Cheese?

  On Wednesday, July 2nd at 10:19 PM, the Sun and Moon will align in the 11th degree of Cancer in a configuration commonly known as the New Moon. Since the Moon rules Cancer, its energy is especially pronounced in this combination.

  First and foremost, The Moon is the planet of the feminine. It's intuitive and how we relate to our insides. It's your body, home and immediate family. It's your personal memories, photographs, with thoughts of what stirs you, and how deeply you are stirred. People with their Moon in Cancer, or people with Cancer or the Moon strong in their chart, have strong memories, whether of personal events or history. The emotional impressions they experience cut deep swaths into their psyche. It's not so much the thought they remember, like a mental note tucked away somewhere, as what they feel, like the 'oooff' that goes with a punch in the stomach. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. The emotions are flowing, going. They feel good in the morning; they get the blues at night. They can be prone to tears, evidence of their inner water.

  That Ol' Man River has got to flow...


When you hold me in your arms
I'm sinkin' once again!

  Things happen.

  The Moon rules food, liquids in general, groceries, kitchen utensils, baking, brewing, fresh water fish, nursing, sailing, and Moon Pies.

  Because the Moon rules Cancer, and because the Moon shines with the reflected light of the Sun, people with Cancer strong in their charts often tend to be quiet, reserved and of a more reflective native, but curiously are often drawn into the limelight. Like the phases of the Moon, important conditions of their lives will ebb and flow depending on the house position of their Moon, which, like a seasonal stream flows well in one season, but may dry up in another. They come and they go. If the Moon in your natal chart is in your 1st house, it might indicate your body weight ebbs and flows. With the Moon in the 2nd house it might suggest it's your finances that fluctuate, etc.

The Moon and Birth

The Moon rules birth

  Strong lunar currents can produce an admiration for the woods and her creatures, a child of Mother Nature. This could be anything from a tree hugger to having a boat on the water somewhere for the weekend. Home and environment are important. Patriotism is an emotional bond to your home and country. Whenever possible, these home-bodies love to live by the water, whether that be stream, lake or Cape. The flip side to this arrangement is that there can be domestic repairs as a result of water damage, but that's the way the fudge pop melts. If you happen to have hard aspects to the Moon or planets in Cancer, there could be difficulties with the above.

  The Moon rules them all.

  Inner wells, soft light reflected on the water at night, misty memories. Water flows along beds of least resistance. If you're getting ready to break an old habit, you'd better have a new channel for the energy to flow through. You can't simply stop the current from flowing.

  You must provide for it a new path, because if you don't, the old ones are still there.

  The current will find a way.


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