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Week of June 20th, - June 26th, 2008

Crystal Ball

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Crystal ball

Crystal ball

  There sits on my desk a crystal ball whose sole duty is to monitor time. It is constantly vigilant, observing all that transpires in our immediate sphere. Like the pensive in Dumbledore's office translating distant memories, this orb reveals the identity of those about us while we work. Its function, therefore, is more like the Marauder's Map.

  As we peer into its surface, we see planets forming in space and time, with the little Moons racing around their parent bodies like small children. The scene continues to shift until a final adjustment attunes us to the current sky and local horizon. We are here. This is now.

  Astro clocks are similar to analog watches. Instead of having three hands identifying hour, minute and second, they're computer software programs that monitor the sky as it happens, with an 'hour hand' for each of the planets, calibrated against the local horizon. While it takes the Moon a month and Pluto 248 years to complete a single orbital cycle, it only takes the Earth 24 hours to spin once on its axis, meaning that all of the planets and stars rise, culminate and set each day. As any of the planets rise, culminate or set, they 'speak' to the Earth. Each has something to say, their word law.

Astro clock

Astro clock
You should see the desk!

  Things happen.

  Jill called last night for Lisa. Mercury in Gemini was setting (on the Descendant/western horizon) as she called. The Messenger of the Gods called through Jill. Wanted to talk about stuff that had already happened. Mercury is retrograde.

  A couple of months back an old boyhood buddy emailed me from out of the blue. I had attended my freshman and sophomore years in a high school in New York, but later moved to Tennessee before settling in Massachusetts.

Time flies

Tempus Fugit

I had lost contact with everyone from that period, as military families often do. When Paul emailed, Mars, the planet of boyhood and competitive sports was rising. Paul and I had played on a Lacrosse team together for a couple of years. I enjoyed that time of my life. While speaking in Florida this spring we reconnected. It was great.

  The planetary vibrations are triggered every day. Since there are 12 signs and we rotate on our axis once every 24 hours, each sign 'rises' on the horizon for approximately 2 hours. As one sign leaves the horizon and a new one takes its place, the energy shifts. We do something different. As the last few degrees of a sign rise, we wind down on projects or start to get restless. Last Tuesday Lisa picked up her godson and his buddy from the airport and brought them back for a visit. As they pulled into the driveway and the engine shut off I looked up at the clock and zero degrees of Libra was rising. It was time to go and be social.

  There's a crystal ball that sits on my desk. As the planets rise and set they 'speak' to the Earth. In various ways we respond. When Mercury is triggered, people call, email or talk. When Mars is triggered, we act. When Venus calls, beauty and grace sculpt our scene. Saturn makes sure you've done your time, paid your dues and passed the test. Jupiter is college, travel or far-away places. The Moon sends us to the kitchen for a bite to eat.

  We all dance to the beat.

  The trick is to catch the rhythm.


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