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Week of May 30th, - June 5th, 2008

Dancing with Dragons

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Chinese dragon

A Chinese dragon.
Note the elemental storm in the seas below.

  There are many stories about dragons and earthquakes. China has one of the oldest repositories of dragon lore anywhere. The people of China consider themselves to be children of the Dragon.

  In the WEB, we have often focused on the constellation Draco as the representative of the dragon, but he is not the only Serpentus Maximus under the stellar skies. In the Chinese zodiac one of the twelve creatures of their zodiac is a dragon. Because these twelve represent the 'circle' of animals which rotate through their nocturnal skies, it cannot be equated with Draco, who flies high above the ecliptic belt. This Chinese dragon is represented by the stars of what we would call Libra.

  That's two dragons in two zodiacs. There is yet a third. The nodal axis refers to the rotation of the lunar nodes through the heavens, a cycle which requires 18.6 years and defines the eclipse seasons, the months of the year during which eclipses can be anticipated. Although simply mathematical points, they help us to anticipate the rhythms of heaven. Because the Sun and Moon move in their own ellipses through the skies, their paths cross in what are called the Moon's North and South Nodes, points exactly opposite each other. The North lunar node has been called Caput Draconis, the head of the dragon, while the South node has been referred to as Cauda Draconis, the tail of Dragon.

  That's three dragons.

USGS map

The moment in time

  After the powerful earthquake that occurred in China on May 12th, the chart of the moment seemed to tell the tale. The Moon's north node, the Dragon's Head, was conjuncting Neptune. The Greeks thought of Neptune as Poseidon the 'Earthshaker.' At the time of the quake, the Moon was opposing the North Node-Neptune alignment. Two weeks later, as the Moon came around and aligned with the other end of this same axis, the WEB could see that the same alignments were being triggered again, leading us to write in last week's column:

  "On the low side the Moon's lunar node (the Dragon's head) has also been running with the Chiron Neptune conjunction, stirring up the Earth's plate activities all over the planet this past month. With the pivots, and with the Moon aligning with this Aquarian stellium... the potential for aftershocks will be quite strong in the affected areas."

  "These are powerful currents at work Sunday and Monday. Can you harness the thunderous stallions of Neptune and make them pull for you?"

  These were the triggers, activated as three planets went retrograde in the heavens. The forcast was clear, the conditions specific. Here are the headlines:

  "71,000 homes collapse in Chinese aftershock"

  "NPR, May 25th- The fresh devastation came after a magnitude 6.0 aftershock- among the most powerful recorded since the initial May 12 quake, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The China National Seismic Network said the aftershock was the strongest of dozens in the nearly two weeks after the disaster."

  There is a rhythm in life, and we must learn to dance with it. Within that rhythm there is a divine intelligence which lovingly guides us, even when we sometimes can't seem to follow the steps.

  Blessings in this time to all those who have had to suffer the loss of their homes and loved ones.


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