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Week of May 23rd, - May 29th, 2008

Parade of Pivots

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Neptune's path

Neptune's stellar path through the
constellation Capricorn in 2008

  One of the more interesting celestial highlights this week is three 'planets' going retrograde within a little over 24 hours of each other. Whenever these 'wanderers' (as the Greeks called them) visually reverse direction there's a corresponding wavelength shift which affects what's happening here on the Earth. Think of it as someone sliding their fingers along the frets of a guitar. The planets are the fingers, the surrounding stars the frets of the keyboard. As the fingers slide up and down the frets, the notes change. Retrograde motion is a time of review, to go back over plans, projects and outlines. With three planets reversing direction in such short order, dramatic changes might be expected, for better or worse.

  Chiron looks impressive as he leads the parade of pivots Sunday morning (25th), his equine curves opening the show at 7:42 AM EDT. Our centaur has become known as the 'wounded healer.' Deeper personal issues seem to arise during his pass. Chiron puts us in touch with the pain. We must confront our shadow side and this is the time.

  Mercury goes retrograde Monday at 11:48 AM EDT (noon). This is probably the most famous (although not the most powerful) of the retrograde planets. It's the one people are most familiar with because it goes retrograde most often. With Mercury retrograde plans are revised, information altered, correspondence put on hold or articles are placed on back order. Mercury represents our tools; anything from the hammer and screwdriver, to the mailbox, computer, post office, telephone, cell phone, email or messages.

  Neptune goes retrograde about a half hour later at 12:15 PM EDT. As with Chiron and Mercury, Neptune commands a realm and has subjects who listen attentively to his word. Fundamental beliefs can be challenged when Neptune pivots, forcing us to confront what we do not understand.

Chiron and Achilles

Chiron and Achilles
Notice Chiron's forelegs

Neptune's stations are often times of restlessness. We can't sleep (Neptune) because memories, concerns and emotional reactions are being stirred deep within the psyche. We stay up late or lie awake, 'thinking' about it, although that's really a misnomer. We are not so much analyzing matters, generating a hierarchy and game plan (all Mercurial activities) as we are feeling them swirl just below our consciousness.

  On the high side, two of these planets are close, in the 21st (Chiron) and 24th (Neptune) degrees of Aquarius, while the winged Messenger is at 21 degrees of Gemini, trining the other two. Aquarius and Gemini are air signs. The change in plans can work out favorably. Some will like what they hear. For those who have planets at the 20th through the 25th degrees of the air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), this should ultimately wind up as a fairly nice turn of events.

  On the low side the Moon's lunar node (the Dragon's head) has also been running with the Chiron Neptune conjunction, stirring up the Earth's plate activities all over the planet this past month. With the pivots, and with the Moon aligning with this Aquarian stellium between 5 and 11 PM later Monday afternoon (EDT), the potential for aftershocks will be quite strong in the affected areas.

  These are powerful currents at work Sunday and Monday. Can you harness the thunderous stallions of Neptune and make them pull for you?


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