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Week of May 16th, - May 22nd, 2008

The Love between the Moon
& the Deep Blue Sea

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Quasi War

Moonlight on the water

  Beneath the darkened cloak of night the soft glimmering of the stars rolls on overhead, each patiently waiting for their allotted turn. Silently a silvery sliver of an arm reaches out to us as the Moon climbs into view above the lip of the wine dark sea.

  Over the course of the next three years, Neptune is going to be making two sets of aspects to the US Moon. Historically, this series happened twice before, first in 1798-1799 and then in 1844-1847.

  In the US chart, the natal Moon is in the 3rd house; communications. It therefore rules voiced public sentiment, our documents and contracts. Neptune rules the subconscious. Aligning with the Moon it confuses the public mood, obscures the rationale, or otherwise fuzzes the lunar picture.

  In 1798-1800 we were unofficially engaged in the Quasi War, a conflict never officially sanctioned by Congress. The public was uncertain. France had helped us out. Like us, France had a revolution. Some favored the French. We would have another war with England a few years later. Should we or shouldn't we stand by this old comrade-in-arms?

  In 1844-1848 we were pushing for territorial claims on another who had recently won their freedom through a war of liberation, Mexico. Texas was seeking admission as a state while the administration had their eye on western lands, principally California. In yet another war pushed under dubious claims, public sentiment was divided, the political and tactical advantages in the press too obvious.

  The US Moon in Aquarius is the soul of the Democratic Party. The notion of a multi-ethnic, gender inclusive cosmopolitan culture mindful of the greater good, building on principles of education and civil liberties are but a few of the facets of this Aquarian light.

Clinton or Obama?

Obama or Clinton?

As Neptune aligns with this Moonlight, the face in the orb remains mysterious, uncertain. Is the face of the Democratic Party the former first lady as the 'Moon' suggests, a woman who has had to walk a particularly precipitous political path to arrive here, or is it a person of color reflective of the Aquarian rainbow who has worked his way up to become the illustrious Senator from Illinois?

  The answer of course is yes. Both the woman and the senator represent the face this nation has been waiting for, a galvanizing figurehead to revitalize and pull these diverse elements together. We just didn't think they'd arrive at the same time.

  Neptune paralleled the US Moon on Mar. 5, 2008. After the Democratic process selects its nominee, it does so again on Aug. 19, 2008, and Jan. 10, 2009. Neptune will then conjunct the US Moon on Mar. 7 and Sep. 2, 2010 and on Jan 7, 2011. While Neptune is strong, we are uncertain. On Mar. 5th, 2008, in the first of the series now recently behind us, Senator Clinton won in Texas and Ohio keeping her campaign hopes alive. As a result, no clear answer emerged. Whoever eventually becomes the candidate will find themselves somehow preserving the enigma.

  As a people, we are not certain of who we are. Our own political face is a mystery, and will remain so through these various dates. We will better understand our national character after these alignments pass, but to attempt to force an answer now is a frustrating path at best. We simply do not have enough information to make an accurate assessment.


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