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Week of May 9th, - May 15th, 2008

Lost in Limbo

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Moon in Aquarius

The US Moon in Aquarius

  Like waves against the shore, we have been watching Neptune as it laps the waters of the Moon in the chart of the United States of America, born on July 4th, 1776. It's happening over the next few years (2008-2011) and it happened before.

Quasi War

The Quasi War with France

  The US Moon is in Aquarius in the 3rd house. Aquarius represents liberty, freedom and equality. We were conceived (Moon) under rebellion (Aquarius). Land (Moon) of the Free (Aquarius). Emancipation Proclamation by an Aquarian president. We are a nation (Moon) of backyard (Moon) inventors (Aquarius), scientists (Aquarius), photographers (Aquarius) and educators (Aquarius). With our Moon in Aquarius, American women (Moon) have blazed new frontiers (Aquarius), gaining social equality by obtaining the right to own property, have a voice in court, get a job and vote. The 3rd house deals with ephemeral communication. It's what the nation talks about on a daily basis. It's our newspapers, periodicals, emails and phone conversations. It is our contract and our word.

  When Neptune makes a strong aspect, its watery element softens the issue and shifts its focus. Because Neptune deals with the subconscious, it's be-low (sub) our awareness (consciousness). Uncertainty beckons. When Neptune triggers a planet in the 3rd house, it can mean we change the nature of the agreement, contract or what was said. Congressional guidelines can be vague or ambiguous.

  In 1798 and 1799 Neptune aligned with the US Moon and we fought the Quasi War. Ships were sunk, lives lost and a new, modern navy was born, yet war was never officially declared by Congress. It was a legal obscurity, lost in limbo.

  The next series of passes when Neptune aligned with the US Moon were between 1844 and 1847. In April of 1844, the Texas Annexation Treaty was signed by the US and the Republic of Texas. It provided for admission of Texas as a territory, but in June the necessary two-thirds majority to confirm a treaty was not obtained by Senatorial vote. This was the first wave of Neptune washing up against our lunar shores in that series, softening national borders; the first attempt to absorb (Neptune) Texas into the nation (Moon). Southern states wanted Texas in the Union as a slave state, northern states did not want it admitted for precisely the same reason. President Tyler's approval of the Joint Resolution at that time has been called into question. Some scholars believe it was not legal under international law.


The questionable circumstances under
which Texas was admitted to the union?

  The Neptunian wave of '45 caused Mexico to break off diplomatic relations (no communications- 3rd house) with the US, while the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo brought the war and Neptune series to an end when Congress ratified the treaty on March 10, '48.

  Under the first set of Neptune parallels to the US Moon in 1798, we engaged in a war which was never legally sanctioned. Under the second set of Neptunian parallels to the US Moon in 1844, we ratified a treaty on land that had already been designated as a Republic, therefore requiring a two-thirds majority vote in Congress...

  ...which never happened.

  Our US Moon in Aquarius is being triggered by Neptune now. The first in this series of alignments was exact at the beginning of March. Can you guess what it was?

  Next week we tell the tale.


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