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Week of April 4th, - April 10th, 2008

Aries 101

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Lord of Spring

  As we begin our WEBWeek, the planets are slowly peeling out of Pisces and entering Aries, the sign of Spring. In general this means that the days are warming and we are feeling the enthusiasm of the season. In religious terms, this is the power of light overcoming darkness as the two are equal on the first day of Spring. On the second day of Spring and for each day thereafter, light and the power of the Sun have overtaken darkness. Our days are growing warmer.

  The Sun entered Aries marking the season's start on March 19th. Mercury entered Aries on April 2nd, and Venus will entered Aries on April 6th after the New Moon in Aries on the 5th. As each of these planetary lords 'cast their vote' for the Arian themes, we will feel an additional layer of strength in our day to day lives, giving us the enthusiasm to assert ourselves and state our opinions. Since these planets are emerging out of Pisces, some of the restless, sleepless nights we've been feeling over the last month or so will be put behind us. Uranus in Pisces has been activated by all of these faster moving planets moving through the sign of the Sea, stirring out dreams. But as these planets continue their journey and move into Aries, these themes are being left behind.

  Taken collectively, this is the energy of a Spring lamb or a young buck, full of life confidence and power, ready to test their strength against all takers. They are young and brave, sure and strong.


Brando 'On the Waterfront'

  Aries is a sign of initiative as it starts the agricultural year, guardian of the seasonal gates of Spring. It's power is in it's pioneering efforts. This can be anything from Lewis and Clark blazing a new trait to the Surge of the military in Iraq. It can be Captain James T. Kirk boldly going where no man has gone before, or Marlon Brando who 'could'a been a contender' in the boxing ring. It's Elton John telling us Saturday night's alright for fighting. Each of these last three are Aries dealing with the power of moment in the here and now.

   There's just one problem. The planetary lord of Aries is Mars, and this year Mars is in Cancer, the sign of its fall. The spontaneous, assertive, enthusiastic energy of Mars is emotionally based (Cancer), which can be like a drunk sailor on a date who gets into a fight at the bar with someone over nationalistic sentiments. It's simply not the best use of the energy. Another metaphor might be someone who attacks (Mars) food (Cancer) without really thinking about what they're eating. Obviously, this could lead to packing on the pounds, something easier to do than it is to undo. Mars in Cancer can represent those who are defenders of their home or country, but it can also be having contentious issues with those in the family or about the national direction.

  We will see one of these themes triggered this week as Mercury in Aries squares Mars in Cancer in the 15th degree. If you have anything at 15 degree of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), you'll be able to tell me about it. Ideas are being pushed or forced, we're in a hurry, are being challenged, or are hearing things that we take personally. Because Mars is so connected to the moment, these 'rushes' pass quickly. If we can simply control the urge of the moment, we can slip through them without stirring up too much trouble.


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