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Week of March 21st, - March 27th, 2008

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Time of the Full Moon

Under the influence of the lunar rays...

  As we begin our WEBWeek, we are immediately met by the power of the Full Moon. Although the Moon goes through this cycle every month, there is an extra charge that we're working with this month, and it will require a little more attention to properly handle. This is strong stuff.

  The Full Moon has a tendency to flush events. As the Earth is sandwiched between the Sun and Moon, it is as though these two were tugging on a rope tied to the Earth. Our planet is stretched by the gravitational pulls, causing it to bulge at the equator. But this attraction also pulls on the tides and our emotional bodies. We feel the pull. The Full Moon occurs the day after the Vernal Equinox this year and is exact at 1 degree and 52 minutes of Libra. Those who have planets in their chart from one to three degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will most feel the ramifications of this lunation. Because these are the early degrees of the cardinal signs, there's a real 'kick' to the energy. This can interpret as being youthful, strong, eager and enthusiastic. For some it might seem as though wild animals were pulling to break their leash. For others it can initiate powerful new directions, throwing a great deal of excitement, energy and re-direction into fresh projects.

  But it is not for this reason alone that this month is particularly potent. At the end of January, Pluto entered Capricorn. As of this Full Moon, Pluto is now at 1 degree and 7 minutes of Capricorn, very close to the degree alignment of the Full Moon at 1 Libra 52. Together, this pattern (a T-square) can cause some deep seated changes in how we tackle the tasks at hand.

  Pluto digs deep. It finds problems and ferrets them out, searching for the nest, core, or essence of the situation and then using all its power to eradicate it. We tend to get attached to our ways of being, whatever they may be. If life is good, why change? If things aren't so good, people often hang on, clinging to what they know rather than facing the darkness and uncertainty of the unknown. Pluto ploughs through emotional attachments like a hot knife through butter. It terminates and transforms. It's time to say good-bye, or at least it feels that way.

Full Moon

Full Moon

  Because the Full Moon is in Aries and Libra, interpersonal relationship are being heavily weighed upon. Our perception is that the partner isn't pulling their weight and that the situation must stop. We tend to experience this combination in personal terms, but it can also represent business partners and allies. With Pluto in Capricorn, professional interests can be woven into the mix. We may not have enough money (Pluto) or time (Capricorn) to get the job done. Secrets (Pluto) may come to light, revealing misuse of money (Capricorn), affairs (Pluto), corporate power (Capricorn) or mutual resources (Pluto) which can extend to anything that you've been saving, not just money. Laws (Libra) could be broken (Pluto), and this is when we find out.

  This alignment will flush a powerful emotional discharge. Venom (Pluto) may be released and the seamier side of life could be flushed to the forefront. On the high side, this is a wonderful time to recycle, regenerate, throw out what no longer serves and turn over a new leaf. If the gods are happy with your offering, they are less likely to carve a path of their own design for us to learn through.

  It's up to you.


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