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Week of March 14th, - March 20th, 2008

The Test of Time

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  Saturn is involved in several aspects this week. Venus and Mercury have entered Pisces and will oppose Saturn in Virgo. In chronological sequence Venus contraparallels and opposes Saturn at 4:48 AM Friday and 4:16 PM Saturday. Mercury opposes and contraparallels Saturn on Monday. Additionally, Jupiter sesquiquadrates Saturn at 6:41 AM Tuesday. Finally, the Moon will enter Virgo Wednesday and conjunct Saturn at 9:33 AM, aligning with Jupiter, Mercury and Venus later that same day.

  Each of these combinations blends with the vibration of Saturn. This repeating theme should provide an idea of what Saturn in Virgo is all about in your life. Saturn is the law of checks and balances, keeper of the Golden Rule and patriarch of responsibilities. He is Father Time and the Lord of Karma. In Virgo it can be dirty jobs or health issues. It's the FDA (Saturn) coming down on alternative health (Virgo). It's doctors (Saturn) lording it over nurses (Virgo). While Saturn transits through Virgo we can expect hard work, criticism or responsibilities attending to the elderly. I'm back in Massachusetts now helping Dad out after Mom's passing. Saturn in Virgo can also be a difficult time with pets or co-workers, two other entities ruled by Virgo.

  The most powerful alignment this week is the Jupiter Saturn sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) Tuesday morning. Whenever outer planets (those further from the Sun) make an alignment, they 'hold the aspect' for an extended period of time, 'squeezing' the celestial juice onto the Earth. Jupiter is the planet of expansion while Saturn represents contraction. Put them together under a hard aspect (sesquiquadrate) and we have too much to do (Jupiter) in too little time (Saturn). The flip side to this is that we can accomplish much, but may feel frayed or overworked by the alignment's end.

Saturn spaceship

Saturnian spaceship

  While Venus triggers Saturn Friday and Saturday, we may feel as though someone is not (Saturn) playing fair (Venus), don't (Saturn) love (Venus) us or that we don't (Saturn) measure up by not being cute (Venus), rich (Venus) or fun (Venus) enough. With Mercury aligning with Saturn Monday morning, the theme shifts to a more cerebral setting. Communications are being constricted. We must think about hard realities (Saturn), health issues (Virgo), construction (Saturn- walls, buildings, architecture) or the health (Virgo) inspector (Saturn). We may not be able to contact folks via phone, email or through the US Post Office. We may not like what we do hear. We wait on hold as automated services spin through a myriad of options none of which are what we seek.

more Saturn

More Saturn

  Finally, since this is the Pisces (Mercury and Venus) /Virgo (Saturn) polarity, trying to force answers (Mercury) re: faith issues (Pisces) will be difficult. In other words, some may not understand others' spiritual orientations.

  As with any celestial aspect, the problem provides the key to the solution. Saturn is here to test us. Sometimes we need to work under pressure and within limitations to see how well we perform.

  This will be one of those times. With Mercury involved, it might even be two of those times.

  Look at what is happening in your life under these influences, take notes and learn from what the celestial script is attempting to tell you now.


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