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Week of February 29th, - March 6th, 2008

The Wheels of Time

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The year ahead

  The lunar cycle is winding down. One week from now, on Friday March 7th, we will experience our annual New Moon in Pisces. Winter is trailing off. This is a time to go in, to reflect, consider and contemplate. It's the collective gathering of our resources before the big push in the spring when the sap (Aries) begins to flow again. The Sun is already in Pisces, and the Moon is sliding into Pisces on Thursday. Winter is not over yet, but the season is breaking up.

  In seasonal terms, this is the end game. The weather may not be good or conditions aren't right; people just aren't as an enthusiastic. But the celestial wheels are getting ready to kick in both with the New Moon on the 7th, and after the Sun enters Aries on the 19th. Each of these are stepping stones towards longer days and increased vitality. This week is the time to be taking a little extra rest if you feel you need it, and to be wrapping up projects and bringing them to a level of completion. This could be anything from putting your tools away, whether those be power saws, pencils or printing supplies. We need to sweep the old vibrations out and be done with them.

Falling mist

Falling mist

  Monday is particularly low-key energy wise. In addition to the two cycles mentioned above, the Moon will be Void of Course all day. If you let it take you, it can be pretty neat. If you attempt to direct it down a specific path, one requiring mental focus and concentration- good luck.

  Still, that's what Pepto Bismol is for.

  Now don't get me wrong, it's not going to be a bad week. In fact, most of the planetary combinations are fairly nice. Both Saturday and Sunday evening should be pleasant for conversation or projects. Issues requiring structural attention are best handled then; cleaning out garages, moving around furniture, digging in the basement. Gossip is good too.

  Wednesday and Thursday are interesting. It's the end of the afore mentioned cycles (meaning the emotional streams are winding down), but Thursday Venus conjuncts Neptune, while the day before the Moon conjuncts both Venus and Neptune during the afternoon. These are alluring combinations, but they are best spent in a little down time, some artistic appreciation, or with those who could use a sympathetic ear. Music, song and other creative ventures may be served. Appreciate what you have, rather than try and sow any new seeds. This is end cycle. Enjoy the moment, but its temporal. Don't expect the wind to be blowing the same way with the New Moon.

  The Sun is making a couple of pleasant triggers Thursday afternoon and evening, which will help to counteract some of the waning lunar tide. The Sun can represent many things; fun, creativity, recreation, or a warm and loving disposition. With the Sun sextiling Jupiter and paralleling Uranus Thursday afternoon, we're getting a little extra shot of adrenaline. The Sun is a Fire Lord, and helps to infuse us with chi, vitality, essence, life and will power.

  As the evening moves on and we approach midnight, the vibe changes. Mars will be opposing Pluto. Passion rears its head, and people are either inflamed in a tantalizing way, or they lock horns in psychological dramas whose only real purpose is to annoy their adverary.

  Choose door number one.


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