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Week of February 22nd, - February 28th, 2008

Time to Pay the Piper

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  Over the weekend, the Sun will oppose Saturn. This is one of the stronger pulses of the week and should give us a good workout. Be prepared to stay late.

  It's time for some hard work.

  Saturn has recently entered Virgo initiating a new trend. It went into Virgo at the beginning of September and will remain there until October, 2009. What does Saturn in Virgo mean? Many things. It's attention being paid to getting older (Saturn) and having to deal with your health (Virgo); a discipline (Saturn) must be served (Virgo). Put something on the alter of the Lord of Karma (Saturn) or gravity will take over. Saturn deals with various parts of the body. If it is a health concern any of the following may be impacted: dry skin, aching knees, joints and bones in general. These could be or become chronic (Saturn = Cronos) issues over the next couple of years.

Old woman

Old woman at work

They will require time and discipline (Saturn) to heal (Virgo). We are working on our technical issues, our job skills, getting the tools we need or working hard to get experience. It can be the critical nature (Saturn) of those in the work environment (Virgo). Work (Virgo) may be scarce (Saturn). We're working with old, crotchety people who were hypochondriacs to begin with..


Through Capricorn,
Saturn rules skin and knees

  The point is that different people will experience this alignment in different ways. Here's the astronomy. We're closer to Saturn now than at any other time in its orbit. As the Earth, the faster moving body, aligns with the Sun and Saturn. Here on the Earth it looks to us as though Saturn rises at sunset, climbs highest in the sky at midnight (True Local Time), and then sets at sunrise. Saturn commands the night sky now. What this means to each of us comes into focus (Sun) over the weekend. Oppositions set up polarities. They often manifest as our interaction with others in close one-on-one situation.

  Here's a few possibilities.

  There's a clash of wills, as both the Sun and Saturn have the ability to take the helm and run the show. One of the two of you is doing all of the work. In an opposition, there can be competition. Seniority (Saturn) plays a major role.

  On the high side, oppositions can find the balance and unite in a common effort, doubling one's abilities. Much can be, and is, accomplished. When experience (Saturn) and action (Sun), together with youth, enthusiasm and strength (Sun) are all aligned and united in a common effort. It can become twice as strong, uniting disparagete factions.



Oppositions have one of the widest ranges of interpretation among the aspects. They involve two people making a decision. Sometimes people agree, sometimes they don't. Same with the opposition. The wisdom of course is to learn to meet in the middle. The Sun and Saturn can work together or they can be at odds.

  Be mindful of time lines, schedules or balance due. As the Sun opposes Saturn, we may need more time, not be happy (Not... happy... Bob!), be too rigid, are having a difficult time with the regulations, or are simply tired (Saturn) of the kids (Sun).

  If you have planets in your chart at 5 degrees of Pisces or Virgo, if your birthday is now or six months from now, you win the gold ring.

  Where Saturn is concerned, it's time to pay the piper. The weekend (and the Sun) will point the way.


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