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Week of February 1st, - February 7th, 2008

Welcome to an Earth Sign

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  It's official.

  Pluto has now entered Capricorn. It was a tumultuous entry, and earmarks some of the new themes we will be looking at for the next sixteen years. This is 2008. Pluto will not leave Capricorn for good until 2024.

  The WEB speculated that we would see the market undergo contraction, as financial scares tightened credit, and as government penalties increasingly enter the picture. Here are some entries from the New York Times around the 25th, the day Pluto crossed the threshold into a mountainous new realm.

  "Building Costs Deal Blow to Local Budgets"

  "SEATTLE, Jan. 26, 2008- State and local governments in many parts of the country are struggling to pay for roads, bridges and other building projects because of rising construction costs, adding another burden to budgets already stressed by the troubled housing market."

  "The problems have come as many governments pursue ambitious projects to improve roads and airports, build schools and upgrade long-neglected water and sewer systems. Many of the projects were conceived when money from property, sales and income taxes was steady and interest rates low, but officials say the ground has shifted beneath their feet."

  The ground has shifted. Welcome to an Earth sign. This following is from earlier this week.

  "World Markets Plunge on Fears of U.S. Slowdown"

mountain land

Mountainous realm

  "FRANKFURT, Jan. 22, 2008- Fears that the United States may be in a recession reverberated around the world on Monday, sending stock markets from Mumbai to Frankfurt into a tailspin and puncturing the hopes of many investors that Europe and Asia would be able to sidestep an American downturn."

  "Until now, overseas markets had largely avoided the sell-off that has caused steep declines recently in the United States, whose markets were closed in observance of Martin Luther King's Birthday. But investors reacted with what many analysts described as panic to the multiplying signs of weakness in the American economy."

  These are some of the tightening conditions we can begin to expect. Capricorn is the structure in our lives. That includes construction of all sorts. In the body Capricorn rules the skeletal system. In a building this skeletal system is the framework of the house; the two-by-fours, electrical conduits, water lines, heaters, etc. From the same column,

  "Investors in Asia have been in a state of denial about a possible recession in the United States, said Adrian Mowat, JPMorgan's chief strategist in Asia. But now, he said, many belived "there's no debate about it." The only question, he added, is "how long and deep" a recession might be."

  Pluto moving into Capricorn is not like the celestial alignments we generally contemplate here in the WEB, when energies surge to a crescendo, remodeling the planetary forces at work through some hard aspect. When a planet moves into a new sign, it simply indicates the start of a new theme, a new trend. In the articles over the last few days, the seeds of this new shoot will begin to grow through the many Moons that yet lie ahead. It has begun.


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