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Week of January 18th, - January 25th, 2008

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Learning to map time

  Secondary progressions are an astrological technique used by astrologers to determine the future. Taken together with transits, these are two of the many tools employed by professional stargazers to observe the world around us and get a sense of what's about to happen. For years in the WEB we have used these tools to help keep abreast of current events, to better understand them as they unfold.

  At the end of this month, there are a couple of celestial triggers which stand out as among the most powerful of the entire year for our nation. The US progressed Midheaven will inconjunct natal Saturn, and progressed Mercury will inconjunct natal Mercury. These occur on the 26th and 28th of January, 2008. Inconjuncts are angular alignments between two planets of 150 degrees. They tend to be difficult, creating tension and friction between dissimilar elements. The MC inconjuncting Saturn indicates the president is going to be having a very difficult time of it, the government will be frustrated in their endeavors. Mercury inconjuncting Mercury suggests that they are making an erroneous decision, an error in judgement. The economy may be affected by this turn of events, as Saturn rules the second house in the US chart of finances, while Mercury is the genetic ruler of the market. But we also have a clue as to where some of these themes originate, as both Mercury and Saturn were triggered earlier this month.

enhanced Saturn

An enhanced Saturn

  Mercury paralleled Saturn on the 4th of January, the day President Bush's senior national security advisors met and discussed options which centered around giving the CIA, together with the military's special forces, a greater role in the operations in Pakistan. As this column is being written, President Bush is on a Middle East tour attempting to drum up support from our allies to stand tough against Iran as we draw closer to these alignments.

  "Some American diplomats and military officials, as well as outside experts, argue that American-led military operations on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan could result in a tremendous backlash and ultimately do more harm than good."

  NYT Jan. 6, 2008

  Celestially speaking, this is also what the planets are saying. By watching specific planets being triggered in a series of alignments such as this, certain themes emerge like a string of pearls. In putting them together a story starts to unfold. We can follow its trail by watching the events taking place in the news at these times.

  Naturally, there are other alignments at work as well. On February 21st, the US progressed Sun will trine Saturn, and the administration will get it's way, with official channels and public officials reinforcing each others efforts, together with claims of success; but the longer terms developments may not be realized until mid-July (14th) when the US progressed Sun parallels Saturn, curtailing the president's popularity, depressing the economy, and highlighting the down side of the current decisions.

  Saturn's path is a hard road, with many obstacles. As the ruler of the US economy, it also generically rules over the president, our executive leader. Historically, their paths have been linked. If the economy does well, the president's popularity is enhanced, etc. They rise and fall together.


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