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Week of January 11th, - January 17th, 2008

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Made in God's Image

Made in God's Image

  The philosophy of astrology has changed over the course of the last few centuries. It's had to. Aquarius keeps bringing us new information. The discovery of the outer planets, of new moons around old planets, asteroids, galaxies, black holes... How do we explain so much that we are only just beginning to see?

  As we move towards the dawn of the Aquarian Age, the vibration of this new epoch grows stronger. Knowledge, information, discoveries, the exchange and sharing of communications of all sorts; these are among the themes of the air sign Aquarius.

  Aquarius also rules the stuff of the stars. Both the New Age and scientific communities will help teach us about this new way of looking at life. From dust ye came, and to dust ye shall return.

  Stardust as it turns out.



We are all one; made of the same essence.

  Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

  Uranus is said to be the ruler of Aquarius, but Uranus was only discovered in 1781. Many of this planets' chief notions derived from events taking place in mundo at that time; of revolution, equality, freedom, liberty and democracy. The American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Scientific Revolution, the Russian Revolution- they were all part of the incoming express, New Age consciousness coming down the pike hard and fast. The last 300 years have been preparing for the new vibration.

French Revolution

French Revolution

  Life is never going to be the same again.

  Before this newly discovered planet of rebellion laid sympathetic claim to Aquarius, others danced with the stars of the night. Prior to the 18th century, Saturn was the uncontested ruler of Aquarius. Rather than the lone inventor working out elaborate schemes typical of Uranus in Aquarius, Saturn is more grounded, bringing in experience, tradition, maturity, and discipline. When we blend these two weaves into our tapestry, what kinds of images begin to emerge?

  Saturn in Aquarius delves into hard sciences and established systems of learning. This is the architecture of ivy covered walls building on the tradition of generations. On the high side it is having those in power supplying you with needed information or sound technical advice.

  But, Saturn in Aquarius can be a hard taskmaster. Saturn represents time, and it will take time to acquire this information; time over years, taken together with the rigors of a daily discipline, punching the clock, of being on-time. Saturn in Aquarius can be old news, but it can also ancient knowledge or wisdom.

  Saturn is the professional. Saturn in Aquarius can be a professional team working together toward a common goal.

  It is needed information, delivered in a timely manner. It can be professional support, tested by tribulation, toughened by public scrutiny. It is the hard facts of science, the power grid for the utility companies, or your hard drive, where all the binary bits of your information is stored.

  It can even be old friends.

  Saturn and Aquarius go back a long way together. Saturn hid behind a stone while waiting for his Dad to come lay with Mom (Gaia) as night fell. Later Saturn was slipped a stone so that Jupiter might remain free and grow up to become the king of the gods. Stones are part of Saturn's mountain, part of the Earth energy. The stones were among the Time Lord's first use of calibrating the relationship of heaven to Earth, of sky to megalith, of motion into Time.

  And it all came about because Mom wanted the night off.


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