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Omega Rising

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  Many creation myths speak of the 'body of God'.
P'an Ku- Born of the Egg

P'an Ku- Born of the Egg
Born during an era marked by the Egg

They're variations on a theme, but it seems that in the beginning, there was One who grew, died, and became the Earth and everything in it.

  In China, it's a tale about P'an Ku. According to a primitive Chinese myth, at the beginning of time, the universe had the shape of an egg. When the egg broke, a giant, Pan-Ku, came out of it along with two basic elements: Yin and Yang. Yang formed the sky and Yin condensed to become the Earth. After 18,000 years this giant died. From his eyes the Sun and Moon appeared; from his sweat, rain and dew; from his voice, thunder; and from his body all the natural features of the earth arose. According to tradition, he is the one to whom the essence of the Tao is attributed. Born of a time of the egg (an ancient notion that the entire dome of the sky was preceived as a great cosmic egg) when Spring passed thorugh the constellation of the Twins, a whole new philosophy born of duality arose in the East, or at least that's what the sky myth seems to be telling us. This is much earlier than many traditional scholars believe Taoism began, pointing to the works of Tao Te Ching in the 3rd or 4th century BC. The myth would seem to indicate 4,800 to 6,300 BC!

  In Sumerian mythology, it's the body of Ti'amat which becomes their world. She is split in half (our dualism once again, in one version by a great wind- Gemini), with Marduk making the vault of heaven from her ribs. Her weeping eyes became the source of the Tigris-Euphrates rivers.

  Egyptians saw Horus as the solar eye of heaven, and Thoth as the lunar eye. Together they watched over Egypt, both day and night.

  From Norse mythology we have the slaying of the giant Ymir. From his blood was created the lakes and the seas; from his unbroken bones, the mountains; his teeth and broken bones became the rocks, boulders and stones;

Ymir amidst the sacrifice

the trees his hair. The gods raised Ymir's skull where it became the sky itself, supported by four dwarves whose names were North, South, East and West.

  In the center of the Aztec Calendar Stone there's the face of someone with their tongue hanging out, framed in a circle. Around it are four other figures encased in rectangles. These four images represent the previous ages, while the central figure is the current age, who, like the gods of the other myths, sacrificed himself so creation, and the age we currently reside in, might continue.

  In the Wampanoag, Pequot, Narragansett, and Montauk traditions, a giant shapes the land, rather than being the land which is shaped. After the great flood (both the Mayan and Algonquins speak of this world starting anew after a great flood), Maushop walked along the Northeastern shore and found it bare, yet still flat and soft underfoot.

  "Hoh!" he thought to himself. "With a little bit of work, this could be a good place."

  At once he began to form, plant, and tread, pushing earth up here, or digging it out there. He still had land left over when he was finished and threw it out into the sea. This became Martha's Vineyard where he lived with his wife in the cliffs. When there's a heavy fog which blankets the Cape and the Islands, Maushop is said to be smoking his pipe. Together, he and his wife would tap out their pipes in the same spot over the water. With time, their pipe's ashes became Nantucket.

The five ages of the Aztec

The five ages of the Aztec

  There are many offshoots of this corporal image. Even the Church perpetuates the notion of the 'body of God', except the names have been changed to reflect the body (bread) and blood (wine) of Jesus at communion. Each is the spirit of God in creation.

  Pagan creation myths generally reflected the sky pictures of their day. P'an Ku holds the Tao, and was born of an egg. These two images tell us was he born during Gemini, when the constellation of duality (Yin and Yang) ruled over spring seven thousand years ago. Ti'amat was astronomically split five thousand years ago when it's principle star, Thuban, marked the central pole of heaven. Making Ymir's skull into the dome of heaven was a characteristic of Aries beginning about four thousand years ago, when a warrior's spirit was thought to reside in the skull (meaning they were also taken as war trophies by enemy clans).

  The face of God was once seen as the face of the spring constellation, with his body comprising everything else under creation. What does this heavenly handwriting, this celestial script proclaim for our future?

  Omega is rising.


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