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Week of November 23rd, - November 29th, 2007

The Moon in Aquarius

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  The Moon in Aquarius is a weird duck. Both the planet and sign represent fundamentally different energies.
Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in the constellation Aquarius

The Moon represents the feminine and is emotions, feelings, tender memories and personal bonds. It is our home and a mother's love for her nest. Aquarius, however, is a very different vibration. It can be cold and detached. While the Sun is transiting through Aquarius, it is the middle of winter; the warmth and power of the Sun is at a low ebb. Astrologically, Aquarius is science and technology, impersonal and objective. It can look through a microscope at the microbes of a disease, or gaze through a telescope at a Messier object of some distant galaxy. Aquarius is our friends, hopes and wishes. If you mix these two archetypes together, you can either get a cold, maternal detachment, of being a friend to your children, or of feeding your friends. A Moon in Aquarius can be universal feelings, or a feeling of being home among the stars. If we compare this to the Moon in a more comfortable position, say, the Moon in Cancer (which it rules), that might represent having a seat in your mother's kitchen while she serves you a slice of apple pie. A Moon in Aquarius can represent an independent woman, while a Moon in Cancer would indicate someone who puts the family needs above their own. Someone with a Moon in Aquarius could prefer to spend more time with their friends, while a Moon in Cancer is bonded to family, right or wrong.

US flag

  The United States of America was born with a Moon in Aquarius (July 4th, 1776), and so this same strange emotional mix comes through a national level. Since the Moon is our home, this home could be anything from our body (the home of the spirit), to our family, house, apartment or cardboard box that we live in, town, state, country or even planet that we live on. They are all our home at different levels. With the Moon in Aquarius, we are home to a wide range of ethnic diversities. The land (Moon) of the free (Aquarius) is an excellent celestial interpretation. But at the same time, this lunar position can sometimes make us feel very distant from our fellow countrymen and women. Insular communities can rise up and abut one another, from the Pennsylvania Dutch to Chinatown. Aquarius takes pride in the rainbow spectrum; in the diversity we all represent; but it doesn't necessarily mean that we will invite them all over to dinner next Monday evening (the day ruled by the Moon).

  The inherent combination of the Moon in Aquarius represents the themes of freedom, liberty and equality on a social setting, a scale which leaves the personal family bonds secondary to the larger consensus. In this country, we represent a microcosm of what the world will be like when we enter the Age of Aquarius, and these notions will take on a more universal and less national tone. Because Aquarius deals with the collective picture, it tries to make sure that everyone gets an equal say, that everyone is treated fairly, and we all enhance the educational foundations of this country (as presently realized). In a national map, the Moon is also thought to rule the general public. With the Moon in Aquarius, the people are learning to speak with a collective voice, which is the essential heart of democracy.

  Lunar power to the people.


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