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Week of November 16th, - November 22nd, 2007

Waves of Creativity

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  In the vast emptiness of space, devoid of both atmosphere and sound, there is thought to be an ever changing musical scale that plays a series of rhythmic tones and vibrates them across the solar system.
Planetary Notes

Heavenly Music

Some have even claimed to have 'heard' this siren song. Johannes Kepler wrote of this 'Music of the Spheres'; Gustav Holst attempted to choreograph a musical record of the known planets. Similar to the Doppler effect of an on-coming train, the planets resonate elliptical sounds, like a moist finger on the edge of a bowl, vibrating melodious chords as they swing in their orbits around the Sun; different planets, different orbits, different speeds, different notes.

  Because there's no atmosphere in space, these vibrations don't travel between planets in the same way we 'hear' sounds here on Earth. Nevertheless, through whatever ethereal medium they do travel, many have claimed to have heard them. Solar winds generate 'space weather' as they travel through this same void, occasionally disrupting satellite communications in electromagnetic storms.

  Normally we focus on the hard aspects of astrology. These can manifest as breakage, disruption, difficult work, accidents or loss. These conditions can be mitigated and even coraled (foreknowledge helps), but they are usually easy to identify retrospectively because it's when the accident happened, or how you broke your leg, lost your report, etc.

  But you don't often hear the Web talking about smooth aspects, the easy combinations. They can produce creativity, fun, enjoyment, social graces and similar minds. This is not the sort of thing generally reported by the media, although you may occasionally find a related story in the local section of the paper. Smooth aspects can be enjoyable but lazy. This can be a wonderful time to create, but it can also be a time of simply enjoying creation. They can be active or passive, but it's fun either way.



  This week on the 19th and 21st, Mercury will show the way to a series of smooth aspects with Mars and Uranus. Together they will blend their voices in a united Grand Water Trine at 12 and 14 degrees. Our imaginations, creativity, understanding, insight, compassion, sympathy, empathy, and support can all be furthered, deepened, captured, or crafted. Because Mercury and Mars are two inner planets, they move at a quick clip with their influence fading quickly. These are daily influences, lasting from Sunday through Thursday of this week. The pace is changing (Uranus in Pisces), we're doing things differently. Our communications (Mercury) are abuzz with what's new (Mars) or exciting (Uranus). We can meet new (Mars) people (Uranus), who have interesting (Uranus) things to say (Mercury). We can find out information (Mercury) about computer system (Uranus). We can more easily initialize (Mars) new software (Uranus) and get the tech phone support (Mercury) to say it (Mercury) in a way that we can grok (Uranus).

  This Grand Water Trine can be very subtle, and more than a few will miss it. Know that these vibrations are happening, and make a conscious effort to seek new information, friends, contacts, science or technology. This could manifest either as major new opportunities, or it could be that you simply watch a couple of excellent movies. It's your choice.


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