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Week of November 9th, - November 15th, 2007

The Celestial Stream

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  Sitting by the celestial stream and observing its motions can be quite mesmerizing. As we lay back against the trunk of a great tree, the warmth, wind and waves sooth the soul and allow our minds to wander.

Terrestrial Stream

Life is fed by the rhythm of its currents and eddies, nourished by the waters which flow by, above, around and through us. These waters not only carry us, they can be quite informative as well, as we seek to uncover and discover the mysteries they hide. Fish, fowl and fauna are all fed and protected beneath the shadows of its banks, with the majority of the world's civilization choosing to reside along the coastal waterways of the world.

  Watching these tides coarse through individuals is what astrology is most used for in this day and age, but that's not the way it was used during its infancy. The Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese and Mayans (to name just a few) all looked to heaven to determine their place in the universe, their relationship to God's will. Divinity was perceived as a reflection of the ever changing machinations of heaven, with Earth the stage through which the immortals worked their will. The most obvious manifestation of this for most people are the seasonal rhythms, observing the Sun rise and fall in heaven, with spring, summer, autumn and winter swimming in its wake. The Moon raises its silvery baton, and the tides of even the ocean ebb and flow to the celestial beat. Knowing in advance the motions of heaven allowed those so trained to study its interactions before they occurred in an effort to prepare for what might lay in the future, or so they believed. Mathematics were refined in an effort to more accurately reflect celestial and planetary motion, perceived as the Divine Will, with first geometry and later spherical trigonometry being developed to better predict and understand these celestial mechanics.

Aquarian stream

Aquarian stream

  But the power of the Sun and Moon over the Earth were not the only influences which guided terrestrial affairs. With time, the motions of the other stars of heaven were also noted, calibrated and interpreted, their influences recorded in the myths of the constellations and tales of the gods (planets) which have come down to us today. Like the seasons, they looked for the repeating patterns of heaven authored by these influences. As trade and celestial navigation evolved, a greater interest in the individual stars took a giant step forward as heavenly benchmarks replaced terrestrial landmarks and civilizations reached out and to expand their routes across uncharted seas.

  In many ways, the cultural shift came for western civilization with the Greeks, who not only greatly improved upon the mechanical ability to determine when planets were going to be where with the development of spherical trig, but also elevated the role of the individual in society to a level civilization had never known before. Under ancient Egypt, an individual could never have had their personal horoscope done. This information was gathered in the observations of the priestly caste at temples, obelisks and standing stones constructed for that very purpose. It was information highly sought, and used to help guide the ship of state through times of troubled waters and rough passage. During the Age of Aquarius, this celestial stream will again regain its traditional role for civilization.


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