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Week of October 19th, - October 25th, 2007

The Void of Course US Moon

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  Every two or three days in the Daily Planets, we read about the 'Void-of-Course' (V/C) Moon.
Twilight Zone Moon

Mystique and wonder

For instance, on Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday this week we will experience four such periods. Those who monitor these times know the energy tends to 'float'; minds wander, people forget appointments, products purchased don't fulfill intended expectations. Last week we asked a question which has interesting implications for the country, and that was, "What does it mean that the US natal chart has a 'Void-of-Course' Moon?"

  In the horoscope of the US calculated for July 4th, 1776, the Moon is in Aquarius in the third house. Naturally, this can be interpreted in many ways. The Moon represents feelings, the moods of the general public and nationalistic sentiment. Aquarius holds sway over revolution, independence, freedom, and science. The 3rd house is concerned with communicational matters. It's what we talk about, teach about, read in the newspapers, or listen to on the radio on the way home from work. Taken together we have the land of the free, our Constitution ("We the people..."), the headlines and multi-cultural ethnic composition upon which the working muscle of this nation has always been based.

  The framers of the constitution endeavored to set up an independent nation which would break the hold of King George and central authority. As a result, three branches of government were designed to function as a self-regulated system of checks and balances, each holding an equal share of the power ultimately rooted in the will of the people.
Void of Course Moon

Void of Course Moon?

That was the original intention.

  What has happened is an unofficial fourth 'branch' (mentioned by several frustrated past presidents as a 'hidden government') has upset the original equation and wrestled a high level of decision-making control from the three traditional branches. This fourth branch purposefully keeps a low profile. Corporate controls say we can't know who they are, we don't know how much they make and their 'firm' has never been audited.

  All year long we have been looking at Pluto's role in US history. From the natal chart we see Pluto is in the 2nd. Something naughty is going on with our money. Scorpio is on the 12th house cusp. The people doing this are behind the scenes, their identities hidden. Cancer falls on the 8th house cusp, the generic house location of Scorpio. This is who has to pay the Income Tax. The Moon in Aquarius, ruler of the 8th says, "We the people" have to pay the income tax. Because this is a V/C Moon, what was originally envisioned by the founding fathers, that we be a nation free of external, foreign economic control has not played out as intended.

  The Federal Reserve System was originally envisioned as an entity which would help stabilize the monetary system; controlling economic fluctuations. Instead, this privately owned organization, whose principle objective is financial gain and whose membership is unknown, has caused a series of intentional economic contractions by which a few have greatly profited.

Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman

  "The Federal Reserve definitely caused the Great Depression by contracting the amount of currency in circulation by one-third from 1929 to 1933."

  "The stock of money, prices, and output was decidedly more unstable after the establishment of the Reserve System than before. The most dramatic period of instability in output was, of course, the period between the two wars, which includes the severe [monetary] contractions of 1920-21, 1929-33, and 1937-38. No other 20-year period in American history contains as many as three such severe contractions. This evidence persuades me that at least a third of the price rise during and just after World War I is attributable to the establishment of the Federal Reserve System... and that the severity of each of the major contractions - 1920-21, 1929-33, and 1937-38 - is directly attributable to acts of commission and omission by the Reserve authorities... Any system which gives so much power and so much discretion to a few men, [so] that mistakes - excusable or not - can have such far reaching effects, is a bad system. It is a bad system to believers in freedom just because it gives a few men such power without any effective check by the body politic - this is the key political argument against an independent central bank..."

  "To paraphrase Clemenceau: money is much too serious a matter to be left to the central bankers."

   -Milton Friedman (Nobel Prize-winning economist).


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