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Week of October 12th, - October 18th, 2007

Twilight Zone

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The US Flag

  The Moon is our emotional indicator.
Twilight Zone Moon

A mirror on the past

It represents our moods, memories and the flow of our feelings. Like an aquatic plant rooted below the water line, our supple green stalk bends in the stream of public opinion, swinging first one way and then another, depending upon the power and pull of the current. It can lift you up or it can suck you under.

  Because the Moon's cycle is a month, it spends about two and a half days in each sign of the zodiac. When the Moon first enters a new sign, it's energy is charged and raring to go. As it makes its way through the sign, it starts making aspects to other planets, a square here, followed by an opposition or a sextile there; but then it reaches a point where it's done with its work. The Moon has made all the aspects it's going to make; but is still cruising through the last few degrees at the tail end of the sign, its energy winding down and getting ready to shift. This is the time known as the Void-of-Course Moon. You could think of it as a 'Twilight Zone', between realities. The old one is done, the new one hasn't begun.

  The Moon rules over many aspects of our daily lives. It's our moods, the food we eat, the family we live with, the gauge of our living space and the barometer of our body.
We the people

The Constitution

It rules 51% of the population. If you're a woman, the Moon is the most important planet in your chart, with all its feminine hygiene issues, Mooning in sympathetic, uncomfortable step with the lunar cycle.

  Since the Moon is also the ruler of form, it can represent how endeavors turn out. Generally speaking, it is not recommended one initiate matters during a Void-of-Course Moon. If you want something to go the way you 'think' it will, pick another time. For those who shop under the V/C Moon, they find they were out of the item, the store was closed, they didn't have the color you wanted, or you wind up getting it, and never really using it for the intended purpose. If you must work, routine chores are recommended involving tasks that don't require much mental effort. Laundry, vacuuming, and mowing are examples. Working on papers, articles or documentaries would be more difficult.

  Imagine my surprise, then, when I realized that the chart for the United States of America, born on the 4th of July, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA at a little before 5 in the afternoon, has a Void-of-Course Moon! The first thing I did was to check to make sure that there were no hidden parallels or contraparallels, which can extend the life of the Moon before it enters it's 'Twilight' period, but no way. It doesn't matter whether you use the Sibley chart or the Ely chart; the Earth's satellite in the US natal horoscope is a Void-of-Course Moon.

US Moon

The US Moon
at the end of Aquarius

What does it mean when a nation has a Void-of-Course Moon? What areas would be impacted throughout the many layers of our civilization? This is our Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd; our Constitution, freedom of speech, humanitarian ideals, our educational focus on science, technology, photography and astronomy, on back-yard inventors and civil liberties. The Moon is the birth or infancy of this great nation. Our Moon in Aquarius was when the country was young and free, forging hand-written documents that arrested the world's attention. Our Moon in Aquarius represents the people, the public, the crowds, as in, 'We the people' on a piece of paper. Our population is an inter-dimensional mix of ethnic and religious types, localized (the Moon) to distinct parts of the country. While in the third house (see map) of the nation's chart, the Moon rules the 8th house, with Cancer on the cusp.

  I welcome your email suggestions as to what this might mean for the US of A. I have my own notions, and will share them with you next week.

  This is big stuff. It has major implications.

  Chew on it and see what you come up with.


The US Flag

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