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Week of September 28th, - October 4th, 2007

Capricorn and Aquarius

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  Over the last few months, we have been examining Pluto in Capricorn in the US chart and attempted to understand some of its inherent qualities.
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Cap and Aquarius
Mountains over the Waters

Residing as it does at the other end of the solar system, Pluto moves very slowly in its orbit. Once it changes signs it remains within the new vibration for an extended period of time. When this nation was born in 1776, Pluto was approaching the end of its stay in Capricorn during that cycle (1762-1778).

  Capricorn is a hard sign, and generally speaking, conditions implemented under its rule are tough.
George III

George III

When the Sun goes into Capricorn it's the beginning of winter. It gets cold. If you have an adequate structure, enough provisions and have done the work it's enough to see you through. If not, then the realities crystallize as to just how difficult winter can really be. Capricorn also represents authority figures, be they executives, kings or cops. It is the establishment, structure, and status quo.

  Next year Pluto will again enter Capricorn, and will not finally leave for sixteen years (2008-2024). During this time we will get to experience just what this trend is all about. For many months now, we have looked at the historical record and can see this dark thread at work as it occasionally bobs to the surface and then ducks quickly underground once again, hidden from view. There have been a long list of presidents who have lamented this 'behind the scenes' power and their financial control.

  Poised as we are at the end of the Age of Pisces and based upon what history has to tell us, Pluto's passage through Capricorn will represent a consolidation of power on the part of the government, as it attempts to defend its very existence from external threats. Laws and civil liberties which have represented the very heart and soul of this nation will be challenged, and a fuller realization of the powers Homeland Security have gained will be better understood as they begin to be implemented in earnest. If, indeed, the Federal Reserve begins to tighten the money supply as they have in the past, credit will be restricted, and businesses and homes will be lost. The administration will be deaf to the emotional entreaties of the people.

Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties

What is interesting here is that Pluto's passage through Capricorn will simply be a precursor to the hard birth of the Aquarian Age. These two energies seem to lie at opposite ends of the collective spectrum. Aquarius represents individual rights and freedoms, the education and self-determination of the populace, the balancing of all peoples, religions, races, colors and creeds. It is the light of liberation, born of an understanding of the spiritual unity of all things. To suppress a particular culture for its history or attitudes is to suppress a part of ourselves.

  While Capricorn disciplines and protects, standing behind the letter of the law rather than it's spirit, Aquarius strives to find that spirit and nurture its inner light, sometimes at the expense of the law. Being adjacent to each other, one sign represents the inhalation, the other the exhalation.

  Capricorn represents the rock. It is what is carved in stone and must be preserved.

  Aquarius represents lightning; powerful and unexpected, like a bolt from the blue.

  Capricorn represents the structure.

  Aquarius is the structure breaker.


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