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Week of May 18th, - May 24th, 2007

Who Knows Which Way the Wind Blows?

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  This Monday, May 21st at 6:11 AM, the Sun will enter the sign Gemini. This is a bright, mentally alert energy which learns quickly. They are often thought to be child prodigies. As we enter Gemini, we are fully into Spring.
The Proclaimers- twins

Twins with something to say

The Sun is rising higher on the eastern horizon and is more directly overhead at noon. This means that we have more daylight, building into the longest day of the year at the end of Gemini as the Sun hits the Summer Solstice. We can stay out later, take off more clothes as the weather warms, and accomplish more outdoor tasks at hours approaching nine at night.

  Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, was said to be the buddy of the Sun. This is not only a reference to the fleet footed planet being the closest to the Sun, quickly skirting about the great Golden Orb in heaven and seemingly playing 'tag' with him. It is also demonstrated by the amount of daylight this month enjoys as the mind can better see and therefore make more conscious decisions.

  The Twins have long been recognized for the strength of their powers of observation. Their aid in protecting the Argonauts in the storm that nearly overwhelmed the Argo was considered invaluable.
She Wolf and Twins

Rome was thought to be born of Twins

The Greeks therefore venerated the sign of the Siblings as great mariners. Jove (Jupiter) appointed the Twins as the guardians of Rome. Trickery and cleverness are their strong suits. It's difficult to pull the wool over their eyes if they've already thought of what its is that you're attempting to do (and they generally have).

  Since Mercury is also the Lord of Merchants and trade, it makes sense that Roman silver coinage from the 3rd century BC had their 'stamp' on it. They were depicted as two young men (notice the youth theme again) on horseback, with oval caps, surmounted by stars together with the two halves of the egg-shell from which they emerged at birth. One image simply showed two stars over the mast of a ship, another reference to our celestial theme. In Southern Italy, coins bore the heads of the Twins on one side, with their mounted figures on the other. Each are variations on a theme which illustrates their abilities as guides, gate keepers and teachers.

  Rather than two individuals, the Chinese designated this part of the sky as the Two Principles, together with its Yin and Yang symbol. Earlier in this culture it had been designated as an Ape, and the classic interpretations of 'monkeying around' is very Gemini. They are mentally mischievous, their minds eager and restless. To feed this voracious intellectual appetite they look to the environment around them, drinking in its information in discovery, questions and curiosity.
Shrek and Donkey


The news continually changes, and being involved with the changing day to day events helps to nourish their probing minds. The Chinese claimed that if this constellation were 'invaded' by Mars (Mars has a tendency to want to invade things), war and a poor harvest would ensue.

  Writing, storytelling and the gift of gab are a few of the many gems of Gemini. At their best they are brilliant in the instantaneous analysis. On the flip side they can go on and on incessantly, like a small child continually asking 'Why?'

  As Shrek says to the Princess upon learning that Donkey can talk, "Yea, he can talk."

  "It's getting him to shut up that's the problem."


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