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Week of May 4th, - May 10th, 2007

All the World's a Stage

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  Life is fascinating. In the spiritual realm the planet Earth is thought to be a school unique for its wide diversity. Apparently, other 'schools' have a much narrower focus, concentrating on specific traits. On the Earth there is the opportunity for incredible joy or ultimate sorrow, and the key is our free will. We get to choose how we treat each other.

Self made man

Free will

  During the Age of Pisces divinity has had a 'hands off' policy; allowing those who are incarnated to make their own decisions. Like the Steward in the Tolkein trilogy, we wait for the 'Return of the King', the dawn of Aquarius when we will remember our divine link and begin to make better use of it as a people. This was not the perception during the Age of Aries, the two thousand years leading into the epoch of the birth of Christ. Judiasm is a product of the Age of Aries. The firey themes of an angry god are peppered throughout Old Testament pages. Astrology suggests that the personality of the Creator changes over thousands of years, much as different seasons have different roles to play in the agricultural cycle. As Spring sounded the knell of the Age of Pisces this energetic personality shifted into that of a more compassionate Christian God, concerned about his creation but in many ways removed and aloof from it, only revealing himself in the quiet contemplation of prayer and meditation.

  Part of the Zen of Christianity is that while we are taught to 'Love Thy Neighbor,' the message has somehow been lost in translation. History has shown over and over again principles of segregation, division and isolation. Religion has been used not so much as a spiritual guide, but rather as a template to measure how far others have fallen away from the path. From the Inquisition in Europe to the genocide of native populations, innocents have been thrown to the wolves in the name of this compassionate, Christian God. However misguided, these sentiments have been motivated by a desire to purify the spiritual community, but all too often they have been used as a smokescreen for personal gain. Pisces is a hidden, mystical energy and much of its power has been devoted to what goes on 'behind the veil'.


The Dawn of Aquarius

  As we move into the Age of Aquarius, these celestial themes are shifting. The sign of the Water Bearer disseminates information to everybody, everywhere. The World Wide Web is a child of this new vibration. That which has been hidden (Pisces) is about to be revealed (Aquarius). The Web is like the training wheels of a new generation. We are learning how to access information from a main frame, and have it made instantly available. Enter your question, hit the return key, and the answer appears. Wikipedia is a system within the system even closer to this Aquarian core. Not only is it information made available to the public, it is also created by the public, with individual contributors being monitored by a set of overseeing editors. The Web is teaching us how this is possible. For those who have grown up with it, it's obvious. For those who have lived in every century up until the last one, they would have little idea of what you were taking about had you tried to describe to them the intricacies of this marvel. Life's acceleration, with each generation witnessing greater technological developments spawned by the industrial revolution are all part of the Aquarian Age beginning to dawn.

  The spiritual grapevine suggests that we are 'evolving' to a level where each of us will realize we are already connected to a divine 'World Wide Web', and we will be able to access the same information we do now, about ourselves and about each other, but without the mechanical 'training wheels' of a physical computer. We will access this information through our own psyches, learning to access the divine will.

  If the myths and legends of our era are correct, there will be a time when the Piscean veil will suddenly drop, and we will be made to understand just how far it is that we have drifted from the path. Like a lightning strike, the balance will suddenly shift. The celestial marker for this period will be the years immediately following 2012. The political and geophysical transitions we see going on around us now are merely setting the stage for the labor pains of the New Age.


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