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Week of Apr 27th, - May 3rd, 2007

Meet Mighty Mars

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  There's a combination of celestial circumstances building this week which has caught my eye. We should pay careful attention as this can definitely be a tear in the fabric. The main alignment is that Saturn is very close to an inconjunct to Uranus. While the exact aspect has already happened between these two, Mars is reigniting the tension, marching through their territory and re triggering their power. The very nature of these two planets are dissimilar. Whereas Saturn represents the status quo, government, tradition, authority and responsibility, Uranus represents freedom, independence, knowledge, information, and, at this day and age, the future. To boil them down, Saturn represents structure, while Uranus represents the structure breaker.

Wrestling with Saturn and Urnaus

Mars is pushing Saturn and Uranus into confrontation

  Mars is vim, vigor and vitality. It's energy and initiative, action and activity. Classically, he is the God of War, combat and confrontation. On the positive side, it represents self reliance, courage and leadership. These are the pioneers that lead us in new directions, whether that be out in the woods, science, or literature. They are the first; #1. The champion of any sport or contest, whether it is the smallest little league game or an Olympic Crown, has received his nod from on high.

  But Mars is also a Fire Lord. It inflames whatever it touches. This week Mars will align with both Uranus and Saturn, and then we will finish with the power of the Scorpio Full Moon Wednesday.

  The specifics are these: Just about midnight on Saturday and Sunday night, Mars will first conjunct Uranus and then inconjunct Saturn. At about dawn on Tuesday Mars will parallel Uranus, and then at about dawn on Wednesday we have the Scorpio Full Moon.

  What all this celestial mumbo jumbo means is that there is going be confrontation this week. Long standing authority or traditions are being challenged; seriously challenged. The Scorpio Full Moon adds a fearlessness, an emotional goad to see things through no matter the cost. It is generally fueled by anger, and the martial aspects underscore this theme. People are pissed, and they have an agenda.

Gonzales before the Senate

Gonzales before the Senate

  On the political scene, we could well see a breakthrough at this time. Saturn is in Leo, which deals with the light and truth. Saturn in Leo indicates this is a hard truth or reality. Uranus and Mars are in Pisces, which calls in what is unknown, forgotten or hidden; what can't be seen. As the Leo/Pisces alignment is re-ignited, the conflict between what is known (Leo) and what is unknown (Pisces) comes to a head. This is a time where the truth could come out. It seems fairly evident that Congress and the Executive branches are on a collision course which will build into the Full Moon.

  On a personal note, take a look at your own chart and see if you have any planets at seventeen or eighteen of any of the signs. If you do, this alignment will trigger you. Inconjuncts are potent combinations. Are their highest, they are an incredible focus of will power and performance. People with natal inconjuncts can blaze trails into new areas of research due to their riveting gaze. But they are also alignments which seek to reconcile irreconcilable differences. Sometimes the results are incredible, focusing intense energy into small packages.

  And sometimes it just blows up in your face.


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