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Week of Mar 23rd, - Mar 29th, 2007

A Question of Balance

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Finger Balance

  This edition of the WEB finds us in the first week of Spring, at the start of another year. The Sun moves about a degree a day, so on Friday, March 23rd it will be about 3 degrees of Aries, on Saturday, 4 degrees of Aries and so on. For a brief moment in time as the Sun crosses the equinoxes, the Earth and Sun stand in balance with each other, perfectly poised together with the hours of the day and the seasons. In the Jewish tradition, at the autumnal equinox, it is also a time to re-align ourselves and get right with God. It is, in part, the seasonal sentiment which authors this belief.

  Because astrology believes we are created in the image of the divine, each of us is a reflection of the moment when we are born and take our first breath. Like a Polaroid, we 'capture' an impression of the Sun, Moon and stars; in our body, in our spirit, or in our soul; wherever such things are stored. We are then given a lifetime, whether long or short, to discover the implications of seeing life from such a vantage point. Residing in spirit is rather like watching a game from the bleachers. While watching the plays unfold, our own infinite wisdom is objective and can see exactly what it is that needs to be done and earnestly desires to help. The mind works like that. However, should we find ourselves pulled from the stands and actually thrown into the game, the earlier objectivity is often quickly squandered by the first elbow in the ribs of reality.

  The equinoxes are a time of activity, action and change. During the solstices (winter and summer), the Sun reaches an extreme, of either high or low in the sky. These extremes linger as the Sun approaches their maxima, slowing down, reversing position and hanging at the same degree over a period of three days. At the equinoxes, however, the Sun is racing through the sky, changing its latitude at a much faster clip, and moving into the enthusiasm of a new year with a new shot at life. The speed of the Sun is in part responsible for this initiative.

Creation in Balance

The Time Space Continuum

  As the Sun moves into the Spring time signs of the northern hemisphere, climbing through the sky into Aries, Taurus and Gemini, we hone our individual talents and abilities; developing the self, personal pride and individual courage in Aries, the capacity to gather together and develop material resources in Taurus, while enhancing our intellectual prowess and the ability to communicate in Gemini. As the Sun moves into Fall and the southern hemisphere with Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, we better learn how to integrate these individual abilities by learning to interact with others. In another divine reflection, Libra represents learning how to live with others, Scorpio deals with learning how to work with other's material resources, while Sagittarius teaches us to react to the pronouncements of our partners.

  Spring trains the Divine Within; while Fall finesses the Divine Without. The equinoxes represent the moment when we stand in balance, whether within or without. The center of the Divine is everywhere, all at the same time, regardless of the season; but the seasonal scythe helps to regulate this motion and provides a rhythm to help us remember when we forget, to provide order in the space time continuum. They are rather like Solar System training wheels for the spiritually afflicted, which is most of us.

  Welcome aboard.


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