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Week of Mar 9th, - Mar 15th, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back

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storm clouds

Storm clouds

  There is a new vibration on the horizon, hidden in the shadows of the mountains. There are rumblings. The forces are gathering. We would do well to examine the times about to unfold.

  The outer planets, those further from the warming rays of our central star, 'fall' very slowly around the Sun. In real terms this means they track through the sky, moving a little forward and a little back, walking their walk under the watchful eyes of nocturnal constellations as they pass.

  For a long time, Pluto has been the outermost 'planet' astrologers have studied and observed, and it's getting ready to change signs, moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn. As the outer planets move from one sign to another, so there's a shift in social trends which mirrors the change in heaven.

  Pluto is going into Capricorn.

  Pluto was in Capricorn last from 1762 until 1778. That was before, during, and after the American Revolution.

  Let's look.

Seven Years War

Seven Years War

  On February 10, 1763, the Treaty of Paris brought to an end the Seven Year's War in Europe and the French and Indian War (1754-1763) in America. On the one hand it marked a new start for British ascendancy, but this promotion carried with it a price tag; of having to pay for the troops stationed in America. Britain sought to collect on her investment by direct taxation.

  Say hello to Pluto.

  The Stamp Act, passed by Parliament on March 22, 1765, raised the subject that was a major cause of the American Revolution, taxation without representation. Pluto in Capricorn. The Boston Massacre was in 1770 and the Boston Tea Party in 1773. An underground resistance to administrative efforts was building. Pluto is force of will. As Britain became the world's first modern colonial superpower, Pluto figures out a way to break that power.

hammer and anvil

hammer and anvil

  The hammer came down.

  And met the anvil.

  Ultimately, the fight was over bureaucratic power. Capricorn. Who's in charge here? It found its vehicle in Pluto. We broke away while Pluto was in Capricorn; it is in the US natal map.

  It's part of our soul.

  As Pluto enters Capricorn in 2008, we will begin to witness the first of this modern trend in contemporary garb. Just how will it manifest as transiting Pluto opposes all of this nation's planets in Cancer, and then in 2022 conjuncts the position it was in when this country was born; our Pluto return? As Pluto begins its long, arduous trek into the mountains, we will become familiar with Imperial Power. It will grow strong, its word will carry authority, but its constricting laws will force people to find other ways to take power for themselves.

  At least, that's the history.

  We stand on the threshold of a new act, of a whole new drama. Pluto entered Scorpio in 1984, Sagittarius in 1995, and now, it is getting ready to enter Capricorn in 2008. Pluto in Sag has been an intensive look at spirituality; of conflicts based on religious themes at the international level, whether of Arab and Israeli, Christian and Jew, Catholic and Protestant or Sunni and Shiite. As Pluto leaves Sagittarius behind and enters Capricorn, our focus will shift, we will start to take a hard look at the roots of power, both in our government and our world.


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