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Week of Feb 16th, - Feb 22nd, 2007

The Emperor Has No Clothes

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  George W. Bush's chart is an interesting one. It describes the character and personality of this president, as it does for any individual. George's three 'biggies' reveal a Sun in Cancer, a Libra Moon and Leo rising.

President Bush in the Oval Office

President Bush in the Oval Office

  His Cancerian Sun in the 12th house indicates that the real George Bush is not what we actually see. Twelfth house personalities often stand behind the scenes, out of sight from the common view. They are sensitive people who often turn inward, and can sometimes be prone to drinking or drug use, as his past bears witness. They are also people who can turn to God and have deep convictions (strength = Sun) about their inner beliefs.

  His Libra Moon is more complex, as it is part of a Chiron, Moon, Juno, Jupiter conjunction; all within three degrees. There are many layers at work here. The Libra Moon suggests his work with the law, the national (Moon) legislative (Libra) dance around which he has many partners, of whom Dick Cheney and Laura are only two. His Moon is in a near exact conjunction to Juno (two minutes of arc), which Esther Leinbach describes as an individual who "will use all kinds of subtleties and forms of manipulation to obtain what they want and to get even when they feel that they are being wronged. There is an emotional" (Moon) "drive to even the score usually" (Libra) "in an undercover way... It falls short of reason or logic except in the exactness with which they seek to balance the scales. Their scales may be a little off but that is of no concern" (to them).

  "If you have this conjunction in your chart it is well to remember that sometimes a bad debt is not worth going after."

  The last of our 'big three' is the Ascendant, and George's Ascendant is 7 degrees of Leo (King George. This is his regal side), with his Mercury at 9 and Pluto at 10 degrees of Leo. The Ascendant is the position thought to be our 'window on the world', through which we both see the world, and are seen by the world. This is how we see George Bush, and how George Bush sees us. The Mercury Pluto conjunction right on the Ascendant suggests an individual with a fixed mental (Mercury) attitude, and it is well known (Ascendant, seen); at least, where he wants it to be (Pluto). Sometimes this is thought of as strength of character.

Leo Bush

Leo Rising George

  This is a man of determination and set goals, and it was part of the reason why Athena said, when the Democrats swept Congress in the last election, that it will still be an up hill fight. The collective of Congress will not have the determination and focus of a single individual, who has only to agree with himself to have one third of our government (judicial, legislative and executive) fully behind his decisions. The same cannot be said of the legislative branch, especially with only a slim majority. Knowing this, I am somewhat amused by these email campaigns wherein huge numbers of people sign petitions attempting to sway the president to a particular course of action.

  It ain't gonna happen.

  Mercury Pluto guarantees that this man's mind is made up. His 'inner connection' taps into (he believes) a higher wisdom which usurps the will of the people. He knows better than we do. We are simply the serfs.

  At the end of November (29th) this year, the president's progressed Midheaven will be paralleled by his progressed Pluto. This means that the attacks on his presidency and his 'standing in the community', will be most intense. We will watch as these events build to screaming peak at the end of November. Let there be no doubt, he will steadfastly hold to his position; but it is highly probable that powerful evidence will come to light detrimental to his future political life or legacy. It was a similar aspect, transiting Pluto conjuncting the US Midheaven, which was to eventually bring down Richard M. Nixon.


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