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Week of Feb 9th, - Feb 15th, 2007

Mercury Retrograde III

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  Outside of knowing one's Sun sign, possibly the most famous of astrological aspects is 'Mercury going retrograde'. It seems to be a catch phrase for much that goes wrong in life. I have one client in particular who calls repeatedly wanting to know if Mercury is currently retrograde. She keeps losing the list. Our celestial winged messenger's name is often invoked, usually followed by some tale of woe.

Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde?

  Mercury is going to be retrograde this year from February 13th to March 7th. It will again go retrograde between June 15th and July 9th, and from October 11th to November 1st. Mercury deals with many of the things we do on a day to day basis. It rules the mind and mental processes. It's the highway connecting the brain to the body, the central nervous system transmitting a commerce of inter-regional thoughts and information, pleasure and pain, weight and pressure, expansion and contraction, touch and taste. The mind takes in all this info, translates it, and makes us memos. But Mercury also helps us to figure things out in life, where we should go, what we should do, and who we should talk to. All of this and more is part of the realm of Mercury. Even the social stamp of our time falls under the wand of the caduceus.

  Our education system teaches us to think along linear lines. Life moves from birth to death. Our numbers count from one to two to three, our alphabet a, b, c. Science is based upon empirical evidence. We are taught life can be broken down into a series of rational perspectives, with answers the natural result of logical deduction and clear thinking.

  This line of thought is part of the sign of our times. While we currently reside in the Age of Pisces, Virgo falls on the Autumnal Equinox. This means that themes of a Virgonian nature are what our civilization strives for. It was what this epoch perceives as being civilized or cultivated. To be the successful merchant (Mercury), doctor (Virgo-health) or writer (Mercury) is to have risen to the top in terms of prestige and status. Since Mercury rules Virgo, all of the foregoing Mercurial themes fall under this banner.

Sewing machine

...a back stitch on a sewing machine...

  When Mercury goes retrograde, everything listed above can be impacted. Our linear progress is often re-directed. In order to go forward, we must now go back. Forward will have to wait. Ground we have already covered must be retraced. Mechanical and transportational issues surface for repair. Information we need is delayed, or we find out that they were out of stock and another source must be found.

  Mercury retrograde is a time when we have to re-think things. The old path may no longer be available, the way is detoured. It is a time to turn the pencil around, use the eraser, brush away the nubbies, and try again.

  Mercury retrograde is a time when we must incorporate the larger picture. Our forward vision is often so myopically focused on our goal that we forget that the car may need maintenance, or that our direction may be out-dated. Mercury retrograde yields a deeper level of understanding and capability, in the same way a back stitch on the sewing machine locks the thread into place, securing and fortifying the larger design.

  Well, what d'ya know about that?

  Thank you, Mercury retrograde.


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