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Week of Jan 26th, - Feb 1st, 2007

The USA in 2007

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  Well, it's January again, which means that it's an excellent time to take another look at the year ahead for the national horoscope of the United States of America, born on the 4th of July, 1776.

US Flag

  It may come as a surprise to some people that we can do a chart for the country, but once upon a time it was the chief function of the courtly astrologers to give counsel to their king and country. Horoscopes, charts done for private citizen, are not a practice that comes into great vogue until later. Prior to the mathematical advances of the Greeks in the classical period, celestial interpretation of the divine will was considered to be of supreme importance.

  There were many ways to gauge the Will of God. Across the gamut of various religions, to be in right relation with the Creator is considered to be of the utmost importance. For instance, when Abram (before he became Abraham- Gen. 12) journeyed from his native soil westward, he came to Egypt. He hid the fact that the woman accompanying him was his wife. Pharaoh is smitten with Sarai's beauty and takes her, thinking her to be Abram's sister. A severe plague hits the land, and when the Pharaoh asks his wise men the cause, they tell him it is because he has taken Abram's wife. Naturally Pharaoh, not wanting to offend god, brings the woman back to Abram and scolded him for not being more honest right from the start and has him escorted, together with all his possessions, back out of Egypt.

Uncle Sam Aquarius

The First Amendment is our Moon in Aquarius
in the 3rd house (communications)

  A quick look at some of the alignments coming up for the US in 2007 reveal the following. Our progressed Mercury will inconjunct the natal Midheaven on May 22nd. Our executive will be communicatively besieged, laying out his own rigid agenda (you need an astrologer to be telling you this?), staunchly defending his turf. The debate, argument or discussion will have come to its peak, with opinions strongly polarized.

  The other significant alignment which calls out is a transit. On March 7th, November 15th and December 2nd, the US economy will undergo a series of hits. Some of our most solid investments and/or traditions may be shaken. Transiting Uranus will be inconjuncting the US Saturn on these dates. Since the latter two dates are so much closer to each other, and because Uranus actually pivots on November 24th, this little over two week period will be when some of the strongest reverberations will be felt. Saturn in the US chart falls late in the 10th house (the executive), but it rules the 2nd house (finances). The strength of the economy has always been a bell weather for the popularity of the president. As Uranus inconjuncts Saturn, news or information will come out which undermines the credibility of those in power, whether that be the government, corporations or business establishment.

  On the flip side, there are some more positive alignments coming up which could allocate funds to areas where they are needed, as Pluto quintiles Saturn on July 23 and October 21. Systems are being overhauled, to positive effect. Pluto will also be sextiling the Moon in Aquarius (July 17, October 27), and we will slowly see funds being rechanneled back into education and social services. It's often easier to see 'hard' aspects manifesting in the news, but we'll see if we can't ferret out just what this 'good news' is during the latter part of the year.


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