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  At 12:30 PM on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, America lost its innocence. Shots rang out in the middle of a city amidst a startled crowd and destiny forever changed this country's political future.

The last motorcade

JFK and Jackie's last motorcade

  There is a branch of astrology called 'horary' whose principle tenent states that the answer to any question can be found in the moment that it is posed. It is a discipline all in its own right and has a long tradition, using rules of astrology exclusive to its own branch. As soon as the president was hit, people immediately wanted to know who did it.

  There are those that think that astrology is a discipline reserved for interpreting the horoscope of people; men and women either curious about their personalities or wanting to know about the future, but it goes deeper that. Anything under the realm of creation can be celestially examined, although it's helpful when the birth time is known. The launching of a ship, the birth of a child, the incorporation of a business, state or city, even the personality of a pet can be seen. If you can figure out what time an event happened, insights can be had.



  At 12:30 PM on November 22, the transiting Sun was in the waning hours of its passage through Scorpio, the sign of sex and death. Since it was close to the noon hour, the Sun was the highest 'planet' in the sky, indicating great visibility before the public. With hours, the entire nation would be galvanized by the events in Texas.

  Mercury was in a tight conjunction (just over a degree) to Vesta, one of the asteroids. Esther Leinbach says in her book, Planets and Asteroids that 'natives' having this in their chart will have 'singleness of purpose' in making decisions. They 'may not take everything into consideration but will be selective on the basis of the aim or goal that (they) have chosen.' Whoever was responsible for the Kennedy assassination, can there be any doubt that this aptly applies?

  There are many other combinations in this chart which reveal the temperament of the time. There was the approaching Uranus Pluto conjunction, which was to define so much of the late '60s. Mars was conjuncting Venus in the 10th, in an obvious outpouring of love for the executive across the nation, and even Pallas Athena was at zero degrees of Scorpio, indicating a deep and sophisticated intrigue which we are still attempting to unravel.

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Osward

  But if we want to learn more about what happened that day, we must look to the rules of engagement for horary. The 7th house in the chart is the position which deals with open enemies. The 12th house deals with hidden enemies. For those who believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, the ruler of 7th (the Sun) is again located at the very top of the chart. Oswald was apprehended within a few hours and then silenced forever within a few days (Sun in Scorpio). If, however, there was a conspiracy to kill the president, then the answer must lie in the 12th house, not the 7th.

  Capricorn is on the 12th house cusp. It's ruler, Saturn, was also located in the 12th. This would indicate that someone in government was behind the plot. The Moon was moving into a conjunction to Saturn later that day.

  If the Sun is the leader (king) and represents the number one person in authority, the Moon would represent his complement, his number two, his vice president. The president went to Texas, and we came back with a Texas President.

  You figure it out.


  {Editor's note- Both 'Texas' and 'Texas President' are links. These were brought to my attention as a result of writing this column. Click on them, watch the video (the second one is better), and say a prayer for Lee Harvey Oswald. He was only 24 years old.}


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