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Week of Dec 22nd - Dec 28th, 2006

Holiday Fare

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  Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to all! It looks as though this is going to be a wonderful seasonal celebration week; one we can really enjoy. Venus parallels first Mercury on Friday the 22nd, and then the Sun on Christmas morning. Humor and good cheer are promised under these heavenly tidings as people are in a good mood. Let yourself go.

Christmas Tree

The Tree of Life

  After work on Friday we can be getting our chores done, making lists and checking them twice, trying to determine who's been naughty and nice. The Moon's Void of Course until 4:48 PM. Don't beat yourself up over it. Enjoy the day! Just chatting with people along the way helps lift the mood, and that's what it's all about; sharing the spirit! Beginning at 5 PM, the Moon nicely triggers (parallels) all three of royal entourage, Mercury, Venus and the Sun. This could be some of the high tide of seasonal satisfaction. The Moon says 'How do we feel?' We are feeling good and are happy; for work or play.

  On Christmas (Monday) morning the Sun Venus conjunction emphasizes warmth with love and appreciation, both in giving and having fun. Children are emphasized under the solar rays, and that is the reason why on this day a child was born. Each year on this day the Sun is born to new light, new life and a new cycle to try it again (and see if we can get in right this time!). With Venus paralleling the Sun we can more easily find satisfaction and love in our hearts.

  Saturday morning is also good for getting things done. We feel really good mid-morning, and it's a great time to be launched into whatever we have to do. Our energy levels remain high through the early afternoon. Some folks may later feel a little drained or more sensitive, but use Saturday night and early Sunday morning to get last minute chores and projects done. Mercury is trining Saturn early Sunday, and while this is normally an efficiency aspect, Saturn also deals with tradition and structure. Do it the old way, the way it's been done year after year. Honor tradition. With the Sunday Moon triggering Saturn twice late morning and mid-afternoon, what other people want tends to slow us down. Start early, get what you need to done, and then work with others. It will all take some time. Budget it well.

  The Void of Course Moon from 3 until 9 PM will find many people lamenting over what they did not get achieved, but let it go.

Stars and the Tree

Stars atop the Tree

  Early Monday (Christmas) afternoon Mercury quintiles Pluto and we are mentally acute. This is a great day for a deal or a trade. Conversations are sharper and more insightful. Valuable information is to be found. Directions can be followed. Making decisions now, especially those based on what can we give up or do without, are particularly choice. Because both the Sun and Moon are increasing in light, this is a great time for a New Year's resolution. Beat the January rush!

  Late Christmas Day and through Tuesday will be when we feel the let down. The Pisces Moon will be squaring those planets still lingering in Sagittarius, and suddenly our cavalier attitudes about all we have undertaken (and eaten) may begin to catch up with us as our bodies give us that puppy eyed doleful look on the other side of the extended Solstice celebration. Early morning Wednesday and Thursday brings some good news.


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